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Women-Owned Company Financing – Miami Florida

Client: Importer of Beauty Accessories

Industry: Importer


Located in Miami Florida, this Woman Owned Business (WOB) imports beauty accessories. These include children’s hair clips, rings, and other plastic costume jewellery from China. Maria has been successfully operating for 30 years, selling to domestic companies such as Walmart, Dollar Tree, and retail Christmas shops. Internationally, she sells to Walmart Mexico and stores in Chile. She is constantly travelling abroad and negotiating with suppliers.

Since the success of her business relies on the merchandise she selects, purchases and resells, she needs not only a good eye for fashion trends but a steady flow of working capital. But in 2002, the FDIC closed her Miami lender unexpectedly. Overnight, she found herself without financing and she needed a solution, fast. A broker introduced her to Paragon, and that, she says, was the start of a profitable and long-lasting relationship. She appreciated their honesty and flexibility, and immediately felt a sense of trust. “It has been my life experience that with good relationships you can get more than you can with a lot of money,” she says.


By factoring her accounts receivables, Paragon was able to support Maria and her company with a line of credit within 24 hours. We’ve supported her company’s growth for over 15 years now, currently with a $3 million line of credit that helps her pay suppliers for the goods to be shipped, and gives her the cash flow she needs for payroll and growth. The extended time it takes for her supplies to be shipped internationally could have left her with a serious lag time in funding. So Paragon created an out-of-the-box solution: on-the-water advances. This funding mechanism occasionally advances the Company cash against the value of goods that are in transit and augments her A/R financing.

The Result:

In the beginning, Maria says Paragon’s belief in her and her business allowed her to follow her dreams. Also, such belief was able to help keep her business running honestly and with dignity. Today, receivable factoring allows the Company to grow, take on new orders, work with major retailers without a financial limitation, and more importantly, create financial stability for her family. Business is thriving and she is happy with the attention and respect she receives from Paragon. She says she is constantly solicited by other factors and even banks, but she chooses to remain with us.

“Right now I could finance with anyone I choose, but I choose Paragon because they have supported me for over 15 years through good years and not so good years. They have been there for me when I needed them the most and we have built a solid relationship that has been beneficial for both our companies.”

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Women-Owned Company Financing – Miami Florida

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