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06/30/2015 – Paragon Financial Group Announces an International Trade Funding Program for EU, South American and Asian-Based Companies Selling into the United States

Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Paragon Financial Group announces an international trade funding program for EU, South American and Asian-based companies to fund and credit protects their sales into the US. In reaction to the Greek financial crisis and other liquidity events around the globe, Paragon Financial has created this program to assist international sellers of goods into the US hampered by the constraints of their local banks and with the safety of credit protection.

This ability to fund is vital to continue in the import and export business as the Greek, China’s and other liquidity crises unfold around the global economy. There are predictions the crises will have serious ripple effects across the global economy. Zhiwei Zhang, from Deutsche Bank, says China faces a “fiscal cliff” in 2015 as Beijing deals with out-of-control spending. “This year, China will likely face the worst fiscal challenge since 1981. This is not well recognized in the market,” he said.

Mark Thompson of CNN Money says, “A Greek bankruptcy would be the largest in history, and test the firewall the European Central Bank and other institutions have been building since 2012. Some investors will be thinking about 2008 when the collapse of Lehman Brothers marked the peak of the financial crisis.”

With this new international trade funding program, Paragon Financial can typically fund all landed costs of goods brought into the US. Credit protection is offered as long as the company’s US customer is creditworthy and will confirm that the goods quality, quantity and timeliness parameters have been met. This is an essential part of Paragon Financial’s program for companies experiencing severe liquidity issues. A company will need to form a US subsidiary to participate in this program.

Chris Curtin, Paragon’s Director of Sales states, “With the liquidity crisis happening around the world and our expertise in funding US importers, we thought it was a natural progression to help smaller and middle market companies in other countries with their cash flow and credit protection needs”.

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