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03/30/2016 – Paragon Financial Group Announces Launch of Glossary of A/R Factoring Industry Terms

MIAMI, FL – Paragon Financial Group, a 25-year-old factoring company, announces the launch of an extensive glossary of small business accounting, finance and accounts receivable factoring industry terms. The world of small business accounting, finance and factoring receivables has its own language with many acronyms and terms. Paragon Financial has found the nomenclature of business and finance can be very challenging for many small business owners. They firmly believe an educated client-base reduces the risk for their clients and improves funding success.

The glossary contains easy to understand definitions of over 100 accounting, A/R financing, trade and factoring terms. The A/R factoring glossary took Paragon Financial’s team of industry experts several months to complete. The glossary is a growing and ever-expanding tool as additional terms are being added as part of Paragon Financial’s ongoing educational approach.

Chris Curtin, the National Sales Manager of Paragon Financial, states “We hope this becomes a useful tool for small business owners to educate themselves on everything from ‘non-recourse factoring’ to ‘debtor-in-possession (DIP) Financing.’ At Paragon, we believe a consultative and educational approach is the best way to cement the relationship with our referral sources and to help business owners.”

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