Paragon Financial Group is funding during the COVID-19 crisis.

03/20/2020 – Paragon Financial Offers Immediate Coronavirus Disaster Relief Funding For Business

MIAMI, FL – Paragon Financial Group, Inc., a specialty funding company specializing in no-credit risk accounts receivable factoring and purchase order financing, is immediately offering fast turn around, affordable funding relief for companies along the supply chain where business is being impacted by the Coronavirus in the U.S. and Canada. Paragon’s solutions for COVID-19 related business disruptions include factoring and funding services to fund: payroll for staffing companies; travel related suppliers; tourism industry vendors; service industry suppliers; government contractors; and industries suffering from cash flow disruptions now and in the coming months. Paragon is also prepared to service industries and companies that may never have before considered the benefits and value of fast access to working capital and outsourced accounts receivable functions provided by a factoring services firm such as Paragon Financial.

As U.S. federal government agencies announce pending programs in response to the Coronavirus outbreak to bolster the national economy, facilitate state and regionial economic development, many state and local government agencies, banks and conventional lending institutions do not yet have detailed program specifications, newly-defined policies, or resources in place to address the demand for business operating cash flow. Some states are still waiting to be approved as a designated beneficiaries of program rollouts.

In the case of the U.S. Small Business Administration, the SBA recently announced low-interest disaster recovery loans to be offered to support small businesses. Yet notable caveats being that businesses “with credit available elsewhere are not eligible,” funding amounts will be capped at predetermined award amounts, and application guidelines have yet to be disclosed. In response, Daniel Rodrigue, Paragon Financial’s Director of Sales, has this to say to small business owners and leaders, “Paragon Financial is providing cash flow solutions for businesses across the entire supply chain including those with and without available credit. This effort by the SBA doesn’t guarantee easier access to fast and affordable working capital for all small businesses. What’s more, we can actually assist companies to secure SBA funding along with funding through Paragon’s funding relief options to further enhance a company’s cash position.”

Features of the Paragon Financial solutions that are highly beneficial in response
to businesses impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak include the following:

  • Immediately meet payroll requirements
  • Combine a SBA loan with factoring to maximize your available cash
  • Non-recourse invoice factoring, reducing risk for clients they go insolvent or bankrupt
  • Easy scaling-up and scaling-down of operations and funding as demand ebbs and flows

While some businesses are experiencing a drop in revenue, others are ramping up suddenly to meet a surge in demand. Companies contacting Paragon are reporting needs to meet payroll for a short-term increase in staffing, while others are positioning themselves to service a surging market for production and delivery of products now in high demand. No matter the company’s circumstances, businesses that have predictable accounts receivables with long-standing, credit-worthy customers operating within the U.S.A. or Canada are best-positioned to leverage Paragon’s fast and affordable funding.

Call 877-472-9954 or visit for more information about Paragon Financial’s programs to combat business disruptions due to the U.S. COVID-19 outbreak.

Celebrating its 26th year, Paragon Financial Group is a Non-Recourse Invoice Factoring, Payroll Funding, Supply Chain Financing & Purchase Order Funding company serving the needs of new and growing companies with B2B or B2G sales of $500,000-$50,000,000 per annum. Paragon along with its sister companies Gerber Financial, Accutrac Capital, and eCapital is part of Global Merchant Fund Corp. For more information, visit

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