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Textiles & Apparel

Non-Recourse Accounts Receivable Financing and PO Funding For The Textiles & Apparel Industry

As the largest importer of garments in the world, the US market demands large amounts of working capital to get their job done. As a distributor, importer or manufacturer, what happens when your large customer drags their feet on payment and takes 75 days to pay? Payroll, taxes, and insurance payment commitments don’t stop, and neither does your cash flow.

  • Funding the Textiles & Apparel Industry for over two decades
  • Low Rates 1.25-2% per 30 days
  • No Credit Risk, Cash in Your Hands in as Little as 24 Hours
  • Up to 90% Advanced on Your Invoices
  • We Offer No Credit Risk Non Recourse Factoring Credit Protection
  • One-Stop-Shop for PO Funding & A/R Financing Solutions
  • Factors Work Client’s IRS Tax Issues
  • Client Concentration Funding & Slow Paying Customer Experts
  • Entrepreneur-Friendly
textile & apparel

Textiles & Apparel Industry Financing

Factoring was tailor-made for the textile and apparel industry.

In the early 1900s factoring was used to fund US textile companies to purchase raw materials when bank loans were not available. In the last 100 years, factoring has evolved into a highly mature, sophisticated method of funding for the textile industry. Non-bankable companies with IRS issues, start-ups, client concentration, and bad credit can even qualify for financing. Non-recourse options provide credit protection against bankruptcy. Textile companies get cash in as little as 24 hours to continue to grow their business.

The global fashion apparel industry alone represents nearly 2% of the world GDP and is over one trillion dollars. This goes to show that big business and non-recourse accounts receivable factoring and purchase order funding give your company the tools to improve cash flow and keep your company profitable and running smoothly.

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Textiles & Apparel

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