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Pet Products

Are you tired of waiting for your pet vendor payment from the big box retailers like Petsmart, Walmart, Costco, Dollar General, Target, Petco, Pet Valu, and others?

Do you lack the working capital to pounce on great deals in China for saleable pet toys, pet clothing and pet grooming products?


  • Get Your Money in as little as 24 hours
  • Import Financing, Purchase Order Funding and Invoice Factoring
  • Low Rates 1.25-2% per 30 days
  • No Credit Risk Funding Offer
  • You are Advanced up to 90% of Your Invoiced Amount Immediately and receive the balance once your customer pays in full.
  • Declined by the Bank from Only 1 or 2 Clients? Bad credit? Tax issues? No problem. We look at the credit of your larger client.

What it Means to Your Company to Get Paid Now vs 30-90 Days Down the Road

Simple! No more worrying about payroll, manufacturing bills, equipment purchases and other serious cash flows concerns. It’s ALL taken care of for you.

Pet Industry Funding Solutions

Pet Industry Funding Solutions

Not only do we take care of getting you the cash upfront, we become your credit department and accounts management arm. After
27 years of pet funding experience, we fit seamlessly with your pet business and take a huge workload off your shoulders. Focus on building your company while we handle the accounts receivable with grace and ease. Life becomes easier.

Keep your cash flow right where it needs to be by leveraging a powerful funding solution called non-recourse invoice factoring. The ‘non-recourse’ part means you don’t need to worry if your customer goes bust, becomes insolvent and isn’t able to pay the invoice. The risk is put on us to take on, not you. We do this because we understand the importance of reduced risk and being in business for over 27 years as a direct funder, we have the leverage to offer this exciting funding feature.

Has the Bank Said No to Your Pet Products Company?

Even though the pet industry is worth 72 billion dollars annually it’s still very common for your company to be turned down for financing. Especially if you have only a few clients, having less than stellar credit, tax issues or any other blemish banks don’t like. The pet industry is no exception. In fact, less than 20% of small businesses getting approved for bank loans. That’s the beautiful thing about invoice factoring. Approval is based on your client’s business fundamentals, not your own.

Trade lines through banks also have limits. With import financing, your company can finance over and above the typical constraints that banks have on funding. Factors can typically fund all landed costs of goods imported. Factoring is a better way to grow a business without giving up precious equity in your company.

Approximately 90% of the world’s international trade receives financing through a trade financing instrument. Trade finance includes credit insurance, export credit, bid and performance bonds, lending, trade-related promissory notes, letters of credit, purchase order funding, bills of exchange, trade acceptance drafts, supply chain financing, and invoice factoring.

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Pet Products

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What is the Cost of Factoring is Based on?

It’s actually fairly simple with invoice factoring to figure out how much it will cost you. It’s based on how long it takes your larger client to pay along with your industry and overall risk. We tailor your fees to the invoice aging history of your client in order to minimize your fees.
Below is an example chart of how fees work based on timeframe.
Again, fees vary based on your unique funding situation.

Length of Time for Payment Invoice Factoring Rate
20 days 1.00%
30 days 1.50%
45 days 2.50%
60 days 3.00%

invoice factoring calculator

Try Our Invoice Factoring Rate Calculator. If you are wondering how the cost and fees stack up compared to MCA loans, bank business loans rates, SBA loan rates, other lenders and their financing packages? Use our powerful invoice factoring calculator to compare factoring rates.

Frequently Ask Questions Regarding Funding the Pet Industry

Do you Offer Funds to Everyone in the Pet Industry?

Yes. We service the entire supply chain from manufacturing, importers, distributors to wholesalers. No matter where you fall in the supply chain, your company can apply for invoice factoring or purchase order financing.

We Fund All Types of the Pet Industry Including:

  • Bird, Reptile & Small Animal
  • Canned and Dry Food, Catnip & Treats
  • Dog & Cat Toys
  • Supplements, Vitamins, Health Care
  • Aquarium & Terrariums
  • Flea & Tick
  • Crates, Gates, Stands, Habitats, Hutches and Containment
  • Bedding & Furniture
  • Cleaning & Odor Supplies
  • Dental and Wellness
  • Bowls, Feeders & Food Storage
  • Clothing & Shoes
  • Litter & Nesting
  • Care & Conditioning
  • Tanks & Aquariums
  • Heating, Control & Lighting
  • Habitat Décor, Gravel, Substrate
  • Harnesses and Travel Carriers
  • Publications

How does Invoice Factoring Work for My Pet Company?

The Factoring Process Explained for Pet Business
Step 1: Your pet company has unpaid invoices from a creditworthy client.

Step 2: The factoring company verifies the invoices.

Step 3: Your business is funded with a same day payment of up to 90% of the invoice amount.

Step 4: Clients make payment directly to the factoring company. The factoring company then pays your business the balance of the fully paid invoice minus a fee.

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