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Importers and Distributors

Invoice Factoring & Receivable Financing For Importers & Distributors

  • Importers & Distributors Get Cash as fast as 24 hours
  • Up to 90% of Your Invoice Immediately Paid
  • Meet Payroll without Delay
  • Grow your Import/Distributor Business
  • Credit Protection
  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Receivable Financing

Importers & Exporters FactoringSince 1994, Paragon provides importers and distributors cash flow programs through cash against documents funding, invoice factoring, purchase order financing. Aside from that, we also provide A/R management, credit protection, and account receivables programs. Paragon understands the unique needs of importers & distributors, including providing rapid services and handling high volume purchase orders.

“Paragon has helped me fulfill orders in which I would otherwise not have been able to; They have been a key factor in our ability to grow.” NY Importer – read the full story

We work with all kinds of importers and distributors. For example, we specialize in the following types of US food importers:

  • Meats and meat products
  • Fish and shellfish
  • Dairy products
  • Nuts and nut production
  • Coffee, tea, and spices
  • Grains, grain products, and bakery foods
  • Vegetable oils, olive oil, and oilseeds
  • Cocoa products and chocolate
  • Sauces, essence oils, and other edibles

We understand that waiting 30-60+ days for payment of an invoice ties up your working capital. Therefore, by receiving payment immediately upon invoicing, through our factoring program, you will have the money to meet payroll, grow your company, and pay suppliers. We’ll wait for your customer to pay. Paragon advances you up to 90% of your invoices right now and you get the balance when your clients fulfill the payment. Here’s how invoice factoring for importing/distributor companies works in three simple, easy steps:

  1. Your importing or distributor company provides goods or services to creditworthy customers and then invoices them with a copy sent to Paragon.
  2. Paragon will fund your business with an immediate payment of up to 90% of the received amount.
  3. Customers make payment directly to Paragon according to the terms of the invoice, and Paragon returns the balance of the paid invoice to you minus a fee.

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Importers and Distributors

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Paragon Gets You Money To Run Your Business

Improve Cash Flow Without Additional Debt

Invoice factoring is not a loan, so you’re not incurring any debt. We ask for no equity stake in your company. Money immediately upon completion of work. You maintain full command of your business.

Customer Credit Services

At no extra cost, Paragon now acts as your in-house credit department. If you’re thinking about doing business with a new client, give Paragon a call. We’ll provide you detailed information on their payment and credit history. Paragon can help you steer clear of doing business with bad companies.

Accounts Receivable Management

Paragon provides online and real-time reporting. You can log on anytime and see updated aging reports, collection reports, and more. Backdate specific reports and print them out directly for internal use or accounting purposes. Paragon is not a collection agency, but we do have a team of callers that put in friendly reminders to clients with past due accounts. We make sure to handle all calls in a professional manner. After consulting with you first, Paragon is fully capable of applying pressure when needed.


Our agreements enable you the flexibility to factor in what you want when you want. You can pick and choose the accounts that you want to factor. While some companies will require you to factor everything, we’re not doing that kind of stuff here at Paragon. We only want you to use factoring if and when it’s beneficial to you.

Get Supplier Discounts – Win More Business

Improving cash flow for your company is the ultimate goal of invoice factoring. Often, the big guys take longer to pay you. This can make it difficult to fill larger orders or perform big jobs. Prompt payment to suppliers can allow you to ask for trade discounts. Getting as little as a 2% discount for quick pay to your suppliers can cover some, if not all, of your factoring cost.

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Importers and Distributors

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