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Invoice Factoring & Receivable Financing For Furniture Companies

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Furniture Companies Invoice Factoring

Furniture Companies Invoice Factoring

Taking your furniture company to success is possible through financing. However, banks are no longer the easy answer. Utilizing financing tools such as invoice factoring, purchase order financing, and accounts receivable financing is how businesses are continuing to grow and take on an additional opportunity.

Paragon Financial provides furniture companies with a consistent stream of cash through their financing programs. We understand that waiting 30-90 days for payment simply does not allow for a proper flow of working capital. With Paragon Financial’s financing programs, you often receive payment immediately upon invoicing. Allowing you will have the money to meet payroll, grow your company, and pay suppliers.

We even become your credit department. We collect the money from your client. Our factoring programs provide you with up to 90% of the outstanding invoice now. You get the remaining balance when your client completes it. It’s simple as that! Get started immediately by filling out the simple and quick online factoring application.

Increased Capital Without Increased Debt

Invoice factoring brings you the money that is due to you without incurring increased debt. Paragon asks for no equity in your firm and you maintain full control of your business.

Customer Credit Services

At no extra cost, Paragon now acts as your in-house credit department. If you’re thinking about doing business with a new client, then give Paragon a call. We’ll give you detailed information on their payment and credit history. Paragon can help you stay clear of doing business with bad companies.

Accounts Receivable Management

Paragon provides on-line, real-time reporting. Therefore, you can log on anytime and see updated aging reports, collection reports, and more. Backdate certain reports and print them out directly for internal use or accounting purposes. Paragon is not a collection agency, but we do have a team of representatives that put in friendly reminders to clients with past due accounts. We make sure to handle all calls in a professional manner. After consulting with you first, Paragon is fully capable of applying pressure when needed.


Paragon lets you factor in the invoices you want and when you want. We let you factor as much or as little of an account as you wish. You factor only what is advantageous to you.

Get Supplier Discounts – Win More Business

The ultimate goal of invoice factoring is to increase your available funds. In other words, this will allow you to go after bigger clients and larger contracts. Often, you will find that it takes the big guys longer to pay. This can lead to difficulties in filling larger orders and performing larger jobs. Helping you to grow your business is the purpose of The Paragon Factor. Increased cash flow can enable you to pay your suppliers in a very timely manner. This can allow you to ask for trade discounts. Often, as little as a 2% quick pay discount can cover some, if not all, of your factoring costs.

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