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Seasonal Businesses

Financing Seasonal Business

How to Get Financing for a Seasonal Business

Selling nursery plants or snow plows means your sales are primarily dependent on the change of the season. This varies from booming sales one season to a steep reduction the next season. You’re not alone- many businesses experience sales fluctuations from spring to summer to fall and on to winter.

The problem is, seasonal businesses often lack the necessary cash flow they need in order to pay their business expenses. Companies going into a peak season must have the working capital to buy inventory and hire seasonal personnel. As companies exit the peak season, they are required to pay vendors at a time when their working capital is much less. Waiting 60 or 90 days for your invoices to receive payment means your season could be over before still no payment for supplies you bought at the start! And, getting a traditional bank loan for a seasonal business is not always easy: they require a stable monthly payment regardless of whether you experience a slow season.

Fortunately, Paragon can help. With deep experience in providing Receivables Financing and Purchase Order financing to sellers of seasonal products and services, we understand that a seasonal business faces peak and slow seasons. We provide specific programs designed to meet the needs of seasonal businesses. We can solve your cash flow squeeze and help you grow through to year’s end.

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