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High Customer Concentrations

Financing with Customer Concentration

Getting your company funded with one or two clients

Whether you are a newly-established business, a seasonal business, or a young growing company, it is almost inevitable that at some point you will have customer concentration problems. Depending on one big account or a few accounts for all your business can be difficult but it is the reality in this time of industry consolidation and big-box category killers. Good luck trying to find a bank that can lend you money to just one big customer no matter how creditworthy they are.

How to Obtain Financing with Customer Concentration

Unlike banks or other factoring companies, Paragon Financial doesn’t shy away from single client factoring. We understand the hassles of growing a young company. In 1994, Paragon was a young business as well and others had to give us our shot.

Without the help of a more aggressive funding source, Paragon would not be here today. We would now like to be that funding source to fuel your business’ growth and success. If banks or other factoring companies are turning you down because you are young and you have only one or two clients, Paragon stands ready to help!

With Paragon Financial, working with young companies is what we do. Either through our invoice factoring or purchase order financing programs, we can get young companies the funds they need quickly. If you have a growing business and you deal with creditworthy customers, we can advance you up to 90% on your outstanding invoices. We will happily wait for 45-60 days for your customers to pay.

Paragon Financial has provided working capital solutions for young companies for over 27 years. We provide invoice factoring and purchase order funding programs. Additionally, we provide payroll funding, cash against documents financing, government contract financing, letters of credit, and supplier guarantees for small to large companies across a wide variety of industries throughout the United States.

With our quick and easy approval process, we can set you up for funding in as little as 3 business days. In most cases, we will be providing same day funding once we will receive an emailed copy of the invoice. Until then, our friendly, professional verification process will be completed.

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