Accounts Receivable Factoring: Is It Right For Your Business?

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Accounts receivable factoring is great tool for funding your company. It helps your small business get the working capital needed to maximize opportunities and keep profitable.  Below, we will discuss scenarios where receivable factoring is a funding option that makes sense. Is Your Business New? Startup businesses do not typically have a lot of working capital.  Having the ability to meet payroll, invest in a new idea or buy raw material can make or break the company.  Often times, new businesses are not able to secure bank funding giving them few options to raising capital. Selling their accounts receivables can be an effective way to raise money without taking on debt.  To be quickly approved the accounts receivables should be associated with clients with a solid credit history and aging report.   With receivable funding, the factoring company looks at the startup clients payment history(aging report) and their client’s overall credit. Does your company have IRS tax-related issues? Accounts receivables factoring is an amazing funding tool to use when your company is experiencing IRS tax issues like liens.  An experienced factor will negotiate the subordination with IRS and get you the funds you need quickly to get the tax lien lifted. If your current finance company has cut you off, the factor can buy them out. Get the Cash you need Today Accounts Receivable Factoring: Is It Right For Your Business? Apply Now Do you have only one or two clients? Client concentration is typically a non-starter for obtaining financing. With receivable factoring, it is not an issue. Let’s say your only client is Walmart, the Federal Government, Comcast or the City of Dallas. This gives the factoring company a safe bet these big clients will pay the invoices in full.  A good factor understands your relationship with your clients is critical and we work in a cordial and professional way with your customers that strengthens your relationship and improves cash flow. Do you sell to the Government? Many banks and accounts receivable funders specifically exclude Government Receivables from availability. Only the most experienced and knowledgeable factoring companies handle government factoring arrangements. Do your homework and find a factoring company that effectively deals with all levels of Federal, State and Local governments. Get Funded with Account Receivable Factoring today! Apply Securely, call 888-400-5931 ext 1 or email us. Money When Your Business Needs It...

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07/15/2014 – Paragon Financial Group’s Chris Curtin to Speak at Alternative Financing Forum

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Paragon Financial Group’s National Sales Manager and Executive Vice President Chris Curtin will be a featured speaker at the CEO Forum themed Alternative Financing Strategies: Finding Money in a Way that Works Best for You. Port St. Lucie, FL – July 15, 2014: Paragon Financial Group’s National Sales Manager and Executive Vice President Chris Curtin will be a featured speaker at the CEO Forum held at the CareerSource Research Coast in Port St Lucie, Florida, July 17th at 5 PM. The theme is Alternative Financing Strategies: Finding Money in a Way that Works Best for You. Participants receive real-world advice on effective types of alternative funding options, how a CEO should position a company to be most attractive to alternative financing companies, and how alternative financing can help fund companies with challenging funding situations such as IRS issues, concentration issues or being a start-up. As a leader in the alternative financing industry, Chris Curtin has been assisting entrepreneurs with their working capital and cash flows needs for over two decades. In 1998, Chris co-founded Bankers Mutual Capital Corporation helping start-ups and high growth companies with alternative financing. In 2004, Chris formed Bankers Advocate Group, a boutique mergers, and acquisition firm helping entrepreneurs with their final success of existing business owners. Chris is now Paragon Financial’s National Sales Manager and EVP providing invoice factoring, purchase order financing, credit protection, and vendor guarantees to small business throughout the United States. Other featured presenters will include angel investors, venture capitalists and private investors. The CEO Forum will be held at CareerSource Research Coast, 584 NW University Blvd, Port St. Lucie, Florida 34986 (across the street from Tradition Field). Contact Michael Corbit at morbid(at)careersourcerc(dot)com or 772-335-3030 x438 to RSVP. Seating is limited. About Paragon Financial Group For 20 years, US companies across all industries have been choosing Paragon Financial to meet their working capital needs. From government contractors to distribution companies, from staffing firms to manufacturers, business owners have successfully grown their companies with Paragon Financial’s invoice factoring, AR management, credit protection and purchase order financing programs. To get funded now, please call 888-271-9347 or visit About CareerSource Research Coast CareerSource Research Coast is a private, non-profit, Florida corporation with a Board of Directors consisting of private business, economic development and education representatives, community and state agencies, and elected officials. Members of the Board represent the diversity of businesses, organizations and trades that operate in the Research Coast Region, including Indian River, Martin, Okeechobee, and St. Lucie County. We are chartered by the State of Florida to create and manage a workforce development service delivery system responsive to the needs of businesses and job seekers. We offer award-winning programs and partnerships recognized locally, statewide, and nationally. Our staff members are certified workforce professionals often recognized by their peers as leaders in workforce...

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Brokers: Paragon Financial’s Unique Selling Propositions

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What is a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)? A USP is how you differentiate yourself from your competition. We are sure you have your own USP to help your company stand out and close more deals. Here is Paragon’s Unique Selling Proposition, which we hope you can utilize within your sphere of influence. What is Paragon’s Unique Selling Proposition? 1. We credit protect you. Why is this important and how does it separate Paragon from other AR factoring companies? Less than 20% of invoice factoring companies utilize credit insurance. Why so few? It is expensive and many invoice factors do not meet the stringent requirements of the credit insurance providers. Most importantly, Paragon being entrepreneurial like our clients see that safety and the ability to live to fight another day is paramount. 2. We can work with tax issues. Many companies deal with tax issues because of their accounts receivable going bad (See #1).  We have expertise in funding clients with both unpaid back taxes and tax liens in place. 3. We can handle client concentration. Most factoring companies cannot work with clients whose sales are concentrated in only 1 or 2 clients. At Paragon we have many clients where 100% of their sales are to one large company. We understand your relationship with your clients is critical and we work in a cordial and professional way with your customers that strengthens your relationship and improves cash flow. 4. We fund startups. Twenty years ago, Paragon was once a startup and we understand the unique challenges you face on a daily basis. As long as the principals have industry expertise and the company sales can get to $25k/month relatively quickly, Paragon can help. 5. We like Government Receivables. Many banks and accounts receivable funders specifically exclude Government Receivables from availability. We understand the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and the culture of dealing with and getting paid by the Government. In addition, we know one of the best ways to grow your business is through sales to Government entities and we want to be there for your company’s working capital needs. 6. Paragon is lean and entrepreneurial just like our clients and has been for 20 years. With only a few decision makers at Paragon, we quickly get you the critical working capital your business needs. We can truly fund fast and understand your situation and industry. That 20 years of solid history gives our clients and referral sources a sense of comfort. Paragon has the deep resources and will always be there for you! For  20 years, Paragon Financial Group has provided working capital solutions for growing and non or under-bankable companies throughout the United States. For fast funding or more information, please contact Chris Curtin, Nation Sales Manager, via email or call 888-400-5931 Ext....

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National Encore Entrepreneur Mentor Month

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The Small Business Administration (SBA) and AARP are teaming up to host National Encore Entrepreneur Mentor Month, targeting entrepreneurs over the age of 50. Building on last year’s successful strategic alliance, the two organizations provided nationwide mentoring and training to over 119,000 individuals. Throughout April, SBA district offices, state AARP offices and SBA resource partners will host more than 100 events (workshops, conferences, seminars, etc.) to help entrepreneurs 50+ start or grow a business. The following are valuable links to SBA and AARP entrepreneur online resources: Free Online Courses Encore Entrepreneurship for Women Encore Entrepreneurship Webinar Series Virtual Help...

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Invoice Factoring Provides Working Capital Solutions

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Invoice factoring is an excellent funding option for your small to medium business.  Here are some of the many reasons to consider invoice factoring with Paragon Financial for your companies cash flow needs: You can have credit issues but that doesn’t affect your ability to get funded.  We look at your clients creditworthiness, not yours. Up to 90% advance rates with online invoice submission, reporting and D&B reports The famous Paragon “Soft Touch” with your clients and contracting officer Your business gets the money you need fast.  There are no long delays in getting approved compared to bank underwriting. Invoice factoring works for un-bankable or under-bankable clients. Startups, turnarounds, companies with tax liens or other IRS issues, concentration issues when you have one or very few clients and other challenging funding situations can all leverage invoice factoring. Disadvantaged, minority suppliers & government contractors for all industries. Your own credit department.   We are responsible for collecting payment from your client allowing you to focus on what you do best. Get credit protection against bankruptcy with every invoice factoring package. Peace of mind backed by Paragon Financial’s 20 years of experience helping companies succeed. If you would like to discuss your working capital or credit protection needs, please call 888.400.5931, e-mail us to the right or chat with us...

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