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Top Nashville Provider of Accounts Receivable Financing, Invoice Factoring and Purchase Order Financing In the Nashville Area?  615-296-9426 Fast, Secure Online Application Facturación Amistosa en Español For 23 years, Nashville businesses have been choosing Paragon Financial to meet their working capital needs through Paragon’s invoice factoring & PO Funding programs. Nashville’s most important industries include automobile manufacturing, transportation, insurance agencies and brokerages, health care & social assistance and local government.  The top ten employers include: The top ten employers include: Vanderbilt University & Medical Center Nissan North America HCA Holdings Inc. Saint Thomas Health Services Randstad Shoney’s Inc. Electrolux Home Products Kroger Company Community Health Systems Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Nashville business owners have successfully grown their companies with Paragon Financial’s invoice factoring, AR management, credit protection and purchase order financing programs. Contact us today to get the working capital you need for your...

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11/14/2011 – Paragon Financial Group Provides $1,000,000 Accounts Receivable Factoring Line for Tennessee Cable Contractor

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 11/14/2011, Paragon Financial Group, Inc. today announced a new accounts receivable factoring line with a door-to-door cable sales and installation contractor headquartered in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, near Nashville. The contractor established the new business to market cable sales and installation services to residential customers.  With over 13 years previous experience in the industry, getting sales wasn’t he problem.  Handling the growth and capital needs with receivable out 45-60 days was the problem. A fellow veteran in the telecom industry and current Paragon client recommended the contractor call Paragon to discuss what financing options would best suit his needs.  The accounts receivable factoring program Paragon offers is exactly the type of receivable financing the company was looking for.  The contractor settled on terms of the agreement with Paragon and is now looking forward to expanding his company with cable sales and installation services. Aside from door-to-door cable sales, the contractor has also developed a theft proof cable enclosure system that uses multi-dwell unit (MDU) enclosures and pedestals to prevent thieves from pilfering cable from major cable providers.  In 2009, the system was put to the test by Comcast in the Nashville area.  The results led to an end of cable theft in that targeted area.  Since then, the system has produced a 20 percent increase in customer base, which proves its performance is lucrative.  The device will be used by Cox Communications and Comcast markets in Tennessee, Arkansas, and Virginia. Financing telecom subcontractors is one of Paragon’s specialties. We provide business financing solutions for subcontractors or contractors dealing with the major providers such as Comcast, Cox Cable, AT&T, Time Warner, Mediacom, and more. Paragon works with a wide variety of companies within the cable industry, including cable installation, door-to-door cable sales, drop bury, disconnects, and boring contractors.  We also provide working capital solutions to a variety of small to larger businesses in multiple other industries through our accounts receivable factoring and purchase order financing programs. For additional information, contact: Chris Curtin Paragon Financial Group 954.524.4840 phone 954.524.3533 fax

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Tennessee Telecom Contractor

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Paragon Financial Group, Inc. today announced a new business agreement with a door-to-door telecom sales and installation contractor headquartered in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, near Nashville.   The company is looking forward to expanding its cable sales and installation services.

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Tennessee’s #1 Source for Invoice Factoring and Accounts Receivable Financing Cash For Your Tennessee Business Since 1994 Are outstanding receivables compromising your ability to run your company? Have stalls in cash flow prevented you from paying your suppliers or payroll? Have you wondered if your growing Tennessee business would take off if you could only get paid for your completed work right now? You can get immediate cash for your business with the Paragon Factor. Nashville Area? Call 615-296-9426! Memphis Area? Call 901-562-1219! Let Paragon Serve As Your Cash Flow For a small charge, Paragon can advance you up to 90% of your invoices right now. You get the balance when your clients complete payment. You can establish an account with Paragon in as little as two to three days. Approval for factoring invoices is based on your client’s ability to pay, not on your credit. From that point on, as soon as you make delivery or complete a project, you can submit your invoices to Paragon for factoring. Paragon assumes responsibility and credit risk without locking you into any long-term contracts. Paragon Gives You The Capability To Make Things Happen Right Now We Improve Your Cash Flow Without Increasing Your Debt? Invoice factoring is not a loan, so you’re not incurring any debt. We don’t ask for any equity stake in your company. You receive your money immediately upon completion of work. You maintain full control of your Tennessee business. Client Credit Services Paragon can act as your in-house credit department at no cost to you. Before doing business with a new customer, let Paragon give you a comprehensive payment and credit history so you can avoid problem clients. Accounts Receivable Management Log onto Paragon’s real-time reports system. Check collections, print out account reports and more. If you have clients that need friendly reminders, let our experienced call personnel contact your past due accounts. At your request, our professional team can even apply appropriate pressure to remind clients of their obligations. Extensive Coverage Wherever in Tennessee, your business is located, Memphis to Nashville, Knoxville to Chattanooga, Paragon is available to service all your invoice factoring needs. Flexibility Paragon allows you to use factoring when and if it is beneficial for you and your company. Paragon allows you to choose the accounts that you want to factor and, unlike other companies, we do not require you factor the entire account. You get the flexibility to factor what you want, when you want, if and when it’s beneficial for you. Acquire More Business – Get Discounts From Your Suppliers Factoring gives you the capital to pursue bigger contracts and clients. Paragon gives you the ability to expand your business. When funds are available, you can pay your suppliers quickly. Sometimes getting as little as a 2% quick pay discount from vendors can absorb most of the cost of...

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