Protecting Your Business from Future Uncertainty

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Understanding the market trends of the future will mean success or failure for your business. It is easier to sell into an expanding marketplace than a contracting one. Think outsourcing vs buggy whips and how much the economy has changed in the last fifteen years. Fifteen years ago a positive mention in PC Magazine helped propel Google, housing prices were soaring and Lehman Brothers was business as usual. Ten years ago, people were unsuccessfully predicting the rise of Ebay drop-off stores and $200/barrel oil. Five years ago who had heard of Uber? Sales success is derived from a little luck, being nimble and a decent understanding of what products and services consumers, companies and governments will need. This knowledge helps you make crucial decisions for your business and family. Do you want to know where to build your resources and network? Here are a few good bets on industries to focus on over the next decade: Wood, Cement & Building Product Importing and Manufacturing – Housing prices are rebounding and people are building again. Construction spending is going up and government must deal with a crumbling infrastructure. Computer System Design – The US and the world as a whole continues to race towards a fully autonomous digital world. Outsourcing & Staffing – Technology cannot solve everything and large corporations and government entities do not want to add the legacy costs of full time employees. Companies and governments of all sizes urgently need staff for IT, healthcare, warehousing, security, clerical, maintenance services and janitorial. 3-D Printing – This emerging technology has the potential to transform traditional manufacturing, from textiles to breakthrough medical innovations. Wine Industry – An aging US population loves its wine and is the number one buyer across all price points. 100 million Americans are now wine drinkers. Factoring clients and brokers can take advantage of Paragon Financial’s forward thinking culture and deep industry knowledge. Do you have a question about a specific industry and the trends that lie ahead? Are you worried about the unknown and protecting your family and business from future shifts in the economy? Please contact Paragon. We are happy to share our experience and help fund your future growth. Our National Sales Manager, Chris Curtin at 888-400-5931 ext 1 would love to hear from you. Money When Your Business Needs It...

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Fintech Disruption Gunning for Big Financial Institutions

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Huge institutions, brokerages and even asset managers have a stealthy new competitor and trillions of dollars are at stake. We have all seen major disruption in content distribution and travel from Netflix to Uber. The new major disruptive technology is coming from the financial sector and it’s known as ‘Fintech’. We at Paragon Financial like the definition proposed by the Wharton Fintech Club: Fin·Tech noun : an economic industry composed of companies that use technology to make financial systems more efficient. Fintech companies, entrepreneurial start-ups, are producing innovative online businesses that can dramatically improve the customer experience, realigning old, archaic systems with the newest technologies. Financial services such as lending, payments, insurance and institutional investments, equity financing, and remittances are all at risk. The small, nimble and smart IT start-ups are beginning to disrupt these historic financial markets and big business is starting to react. “There are hundreds of start-ups with a lot of brains and money working on various alternatives to traditional banking,” JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon wrote in the letter to investors regarding Fintech competition. In January, Goldman Sachs completed research that shows alternative lenders generated 62% of all small-business loans, versus 21% by big banks. Goldman warned that the threat could cost banks 4.7 trillion in revenue and 470 billion in profit. “Right now we’re in the awareness phase,” said Anand Sanwal, CEO of CB Insights. Companies that fail to act risk “death by a thousand cuts,” he added. “Paragon Financial stays ahead of the curve with a cloud-based 24/7 client reporting dashboard, a real-time web interface and a secure online application. We continue to develop systems to empower our clients, prospects and referral sources,” said Chris Curtin, Paragon Financial’s National Sales Manager. To see how Paragon’s new tools can get you funded fast; please apply now, call 888-400-5931, email us or use our interactive...

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Financing for Staffing Companies

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Founded in 1994, Paragon offers Fast Growing Labor, Guard, IT & Staffing Companies an alternative to bank financing. When banks either WILL NOT loan or offer TOO LITTLE funds, Paragon promptly supplies a steady stream of cash through Invoice Factoring. Our Programs Invoice Factoring, Accounts Receivables Financing & Credit Protection 90% Advance Rates with Online Invoice Submission, Reporting and D&B Reports The Famous Paragon “Soft Touch” with your Clients Paragon can move Quickly on New Client or High Growth Client Approval versus slow Bank Underwriting. Optional Back Office services are also available. Target Clients Startups, Turnarounds, Bank Exiting and Non or Under-Bankable Relationships Personal Credit of Owner is not an issue; we look at your customer’s ability to pay Fast Growing Client with sales of $25,000-$3,000,000 per month Companies Looking for Payroll Financing Paragon can fund with Client Concentration & Tax Issues! Staffing Companies for All Industries in All 50 States What is needed to get started? A Simple One-Page Application! For 22 years, Paragon Financial Group has provided working capital solutions for growing and non or under-bankable companies throughout the United States. For fast funding or more information, please contact Chris Curtin, National Sales Manager at, 561-758-6285 (cellular) or toll-free...

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IT Staffing, Pittsburgh, PA, AR Financing

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Paragon Financial has provided a $600,000 AR financing line of credit to an IT staffing agency in Pittsburg, PA.

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IT Consulting, South Carolina, Receivable Financing

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SITUATION Tax Problems Challenge South Carolina IT Consulting Company A South Carolina company provides IT consulting to large banks such as Wells Fargo providing services for recruiting, background screening, payroll processing and insurance and tax issues.  Originally coming to Paragon Financial through a broker affiliate, they developed a strong relationship with Paragon providing a factoring line of credit for multiple years.  During this time the IT consulting company lost a major contract and ran into unresolvable tax issues needing to close it’s doors. THE SOLUTION Several years later this serial entrepreneur started another IT consulting company.   They were able to, again, secure large contracts with Wells Fargo and other big banks.  They worked through their tax issues and reestablished themselves as a viable and profitable business.  They came back to Paragon Financial providing them with the ongoing cash flow they needed through a factoring line of credit. RESULT Still getting paid 30-60 days out from Wells Fargo and others they were able to again leverage Paragon’s factoring line of credit to keep their working capital at healthy levels.  “We were happy to see a former client get back in the game and get up and running gain. Tax problems can easily derail a company if they get behind. It’s always a compliment when a former client starts a new business and thinks of Paragon for their capital needs. It tells me were doing business the right way and our clients appreciate our efforts.” says Michael Rossi, Paragon Financial...

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