MIAMI, FL – Paragon Financial Group, a 21-year-old factoring company, announces the 100th small business has now benefited from their IRS tax funding program. The funding program caters to businesses that have experienced a lack of available working capital funding options stemming from federal or state tax issues such as payroll tax debt, tax liens, and levies. Securing commercial financing or other types of bank financing is very difficult when a company is experiencing taxing authority issues. Chris Curtin, National Sales Manager of Paragon Financial says, “When companies have IRS or state tax issues, it is more important than ever ... Read More

IRS debt lien loan

Myth 1: If no federal tax lien has been filed, my collateral is safe. Your collateral can be seized without notice. Many lenders don’t realize that the IRS doesn’t have to file a lien to issue a levy against your collateral. In fact, less than 40% of IRS liabilities currently have liens filed in the public record. Using public records search to assess your risk is understandable, but not nearly enough to protect you from your true IRS risk. The bottom line is, you are not protected unless you know for sure that your client doesn’t have outstanding federal tax ... Read More

Accounts Receivable Factoring

Accounts receivable factoring is great tool for funding your company. It helps your small business get the working capital needed to maximize opportunities and keep profitable.  Below, we will discuss scenarios where receivable factoring is a funding option that makes sense. Is Your Business New? Startup businesses do not typically have a lot of working capital.  Having the ability to meet payroll, invest in a new idea or buy raw material can make or break the company.  Often times, new businesses are not able to secure bank funding giving them few options to raising capital. Selling their accounts receivables can be an effective way to raise money ... Read More

If you have unresolved back-tax issues with the IRS, it is very difficult to obtain the funding you need for working capital to grow your business.  Working with an experienced funding source can resolve your tax issues and provide the necessary financing. Founded in 1994, Paragon Financial offers FAST-GROWING companies an alternative to bank financing. When banks either WILL NOT loan or offer TOO LITTLE funds, Paragon promptly supplies a steady stream of cash through Invoice Factoring. The Problems You May Face: If you owe the government money, and you have not arranged with the IRS to make payment on ... Read More

Financing with a lien

If your company owes the government money, and you have not arranged with the IRS to make payment on that obligation, the IRS has the authority to issue a lien against your assets, including those that you have used as collateral for loans. This includes potential liens and levies against your accounts receivable.  What happens if you need financing for working capital? Paragon Financial is ahead of the curve in dealing with the back-taxes problem. As a leading factoring company for 20 years, we have the tools to ensure that you do not have any issues with the IRS that ... Read More

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