California TV Food Entertainer - PO Financing and Invoice Factoring

Getting cash flow out of a deep freeze Purchase Order Finance and Invoice Factoring Line Client: A Home Shopping Network (HSN) chef and his gourmet frozen food company Industry: Food and Entertainment Situation: As one of HSN’s popular hosts, the Chef was offered an exclusive, one-hour cooking show during which he sold his gourmet frozen foods and cookbook. Orders poured in and he experienced fast, exponential growth. What’s more, he expects business to increase ten-fold over the next five years. But HSN, like other televised home shopping networks, requires its sellers to have inventory on hand to quickly fill customer orders, ... Read More

Retail Food Broker Grocery Line of Credit

One-stop shop for two services P.O. Financing and Factoring Line Client: A start-up discount retail food broker based in New York City Industry: Grocery Situation: The Company purchases overstock food items from large suppliers at a discount and re-sells them to discount stores such as Dollar Tree. By ordering in bulk and drop-shipping to his retail customers, he avoids the capital-intensive needs of a warehouse and crew. The owner had long ties to the food industry and had recently leveraged his large network of contacts at food sellers to launch this new company on his own. He had an opportunity ... Read More

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