Paragon has provided a $250,000 invoice factoring line to a Maryland IT Staffing Firm.

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Paragon has provided a $650,000 invoice factoring line of credit to a Wisconsin IT consulting firm. Money When Your Business Needs It Most!™

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how factoring invoices can help consulting firms

All companies need money to operate. Without adequate capital, it is impossible for a business to keep its doors open.  Companies generally depend on a mixture of revenue and debt in order to pay their bills and fund expansion. Bank loans are the most common source of debt for businesses. However, they can be difficult to obtain, especially today when banks are less apt to loan out money. An alternative to this is invoice factoring. This type of financing is available to businesses in a variety of industries. Consulting firms are one type of businesses which could benefit greatly from factoring invoices. Consulting

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Consulting Financing

Invoice Factoring & Receivable Financing For Consulting Firms For over 25 years, Paragon Financial has helped many consultants by offering consulting factoring as an alternative to conventional Bank Financing. Paragon has been helping many consultant firms with their financing needs including but not restricted to: Management consultants IT Consultants Asset Based Lending Consultants Staffing Consultants, and all other types of consultants. When the banks would not offer financing or too little, Paragon offers consulting firms funding through cash flow programs like Invoice Factoring, Purchase Order Financing, and Accounts Receivable Financing. Waiting 30-90 days for payment of an invoice ties up consulting firms

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