Cash Against Documents

What Does Cash Against Documents Mean?

Who Benefits From Cash Against Documents (CAD) Transactions? International trade can be a tricky business on both sides of the border. Straight credit is ideal but usually impossible to obtain when trying to purchase goods from an overseas exporter. Cash Against Documents (CAD) financing is the solution that helps ensure that exporters get their money on time. At the same time, this also helps importers get the goods that they need for their business. What does Cash Against Documents Mean? Simply put, CAD financing is a method in which an importer pays for goods before receiving them. To ensure satisfaction of ... Read More

Cash Against Docs

If your company imports finished products, raw materials, or components into the U.S., you need to know about the Cash Against Documents (CAD) payment method. CAD is a process in which an importing firm must pay for goods it purchases in full before it takes ownership of those goods. The transaction typically involves a third party that retains possession of the shipping papers. Said third part will hold the items until the payment from the buyer is received. In recent years, Cash Against Documents transactions has been particularly important. Especially in importing goods from China, a significant trading partner of ... Read More

invoice factoring line of credit

One client, multiple financial solutions Invoice Factoring, Vendor Guarantees, Cash Against Documents Financing Client: An importer of French and Chinese goods with corporate offices in Orlando, FL Industry: Consumer Goods Situation: The Company imports consumer goods such as Ferrari Bicycles, Ferrari Baby gear, and The Checker Flag motorsport apparel and resells them to retail stores in the United States. They have an agreement with one French manufacturer to be their U.S. distributor. They had an opportunity to work with retail giants Burlington Coat Factory and Buy Buy Baby, but didn’t have the cash they needed to purchase enough product to ... Read More

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