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Driving CASH to Your New Mexico Business Since 1994

When outstanding receivables are preventing your business from covering payroll and paying your suppliers, your business suffers. If your invoices were paid right away, could your New Mexico business soar?   We factor nearly all industries including, Beer, Wine & Spirit Vendors, Cable Installers, Government Contractors, IT Temp Staffing Agencies, Oil and Gas Suppliers and many more.

How Paragon Provides The Working Capital You Need

Fundamentally, factoring provides you with up to 90% of the outstanding invoice now. You get the remaining balance when your client settles in full. Once work has been completed, or delivery has been made, you can submit your invoice for factoring. Revenue flows directly and instantly to you. No delays. No collection hassles. We can often assume all credit risk and responsibility for client payment. In return, Paragon receives a small fee at the end of the process. Set-up time can be as little as 2 or 3 business days and you’re not locked into a long-term contract. Paragon gives you the flexibility to factor only when you need it, and as often as you like. We base our approval decisions on your customers’ ability to pay, and not the credit of your young, growing business.

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Why Increased Cash Flow Powers Your New Mexico Business

Do You Get Increased Capital Without Increased Debt?
Factoring brings you the money that is due to you without incurring increased debt. Paragon asks for no equity in your firm and you maintain full control of your New Mexico business.

What Client Credit Services are Provided?
Paragon can act as your in-house credit department at no cost to you. Before doing business with a new customer, let Paragon give you a comprehensive payment and credit history so you can avoid problem clients.

How You Control Your Accounts Receivable?
Log on to our account manager to check your reports in real-time. Print out your account data as you need it.

Paragon is not a collection agency, but we do have a team of callers that put in friendly reminders to clients with past due accounts. We make sure to handle all calls in a professional manner. After consulting with you first, Paragon is fully capable of applying the necessary pressure when needed.

How Extensive Is Coverage In New Mexico?
Wherever in New Mexico, your business is located, Albuquerque to Las Cruces, Santa Fe to Rio Rancho, Paragon is available to service all your invoice factoring needs.

Does Paragon Provide Flexibility?
Paragon allows you to use factoring when and if it is beneficial to you and your company. Paragon allows you to choose the accounts that you want to factor and, unlike other companies, we do not require you factor the entire account. You get the flexibility to factor what you want, when you want, if and when it’s beneficial for you.

How Increased Working Capital Gets You Supplier Discounts and Lets You Win More Business?
Improving cash flow for your company is the ultimate goal of factoring. Often, the big guys take longer to pay you, this can make it difficult to fill larger orders or perform big jobs. Prompt payment to suppliers can allow you to ask for trade discounts.

Getting as little as a 2% discount for quick pay to your suppliers can cover some, if not all, of your factoring cost.

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