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Paragon meets the financing needs of a full range of industries in Michigan including working with companies in automobile industry, food products, information technology, aerospace, military equipment, oil and gas suppliers, government contractors, IT temp staffing agencies, beer, wine & spirit vendors, cable installers and many others.

For over 2 decades, we have worked with companies in “The Great Lakes State” helping them with their cash flow, credit protection, and factoring needs. For example:

A startup property maintenance company was approached with an amazing opportunity to fulfill a large contract with Wal-Mart. The company specializes in commercial real estate buildings and major retailers. In taking on such a large client, the company started to struggle with meeting payroll, as larger clients tend to pay invoices Net-60. The company could not afford to have their working capital tied up for any longer. This is when they approached Paragon.

After analyzing the company, Paragon was able to offer them a $250,000 factoring line of credit. With this help from Paragon, the company was able to make their payroll obligations and continue taking on larger clients, growing into the future.

Paragon serves all areas of Michigan including Detroit, Grand Rapids and Lansing.

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