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Kansas-factoring-companyAccount Receivable Factoring and Factoring Invoices For Your Kansas Business

Since 1994 we have met the unique financing needs of a full range of industries in Kansas including working with companies in the oil industry, natural gas, aerospace, manufacturing and many others.

Paragon works with companies in “The Sunflower State” helping them with cash flow and factoring needs, for example:

A three-year-old, forward thinking energy service company, specializing in privately-owned commercial and residential renewable energy systems signed a contract with a new client to engineer and construct a wind turbine field. This was a wonderful growth opportunity for the company, but put them in the situation of 100% sales concentration with this one client. It also required extended payment terms from the client, which was a very large challenge as the company itself was young and without large cash reserves. The contract had the company just being able to bill once a quarter, with 60-90 day terms. This put a major cash flow issue on the company.

This is why they turned to Paragon. After extensively investigation the company and their new client, Paragon was able to offer a $450,000 factoring line of credit to the company. With this line of credit, the company was able to take on this large 100% concentration client and succeed and grow into the future.

Paragon serves all areas of Kansas including Topeka, Wichita and Overland Park.

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