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Indiana-factoring-companyIndiana’s #1 Company for Accounts Receivable Financing and Invoice Factoring.

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Since 1994 Paragon has met the funding needs a full range of industries in Indiana including working with companies in manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and many others.

We work with several companies in “The Hoosier State” helping them with cash flow and factoring needs, for example:

A seasonal landscape products company in Gary was in need of a factoring line of credit. The company distributes grass seed and fertilizer in the spring and summer and de-icing products during the winter to retail customers such as hardware stores. They purchase the raw products they need, create their fertilizer and other products, and in turn ship off their finished products to their clients. The company was fairly new, but starting to get larger clients such as Ace Hardware.

As they received larger orders from larger customers, more funds were needed to purchase the supplies need to create the product. The company could not wait for their invoices to be paid before purchasing the products needed to create their product. For this reason they turned to Paragon for invoice factoring. Paragon analyzed their business and was able to offer them a $650,000 invoice factoring line of credit.

Now that they have Paragon’s invoice factoring line of credit, they are able to keep up with their customers demand and pay their suppliers. The company continues to grow and take on new business opportunities.

Paragon serves all areas of Indiana including Indianapolis, Fort Wayne and Bloomington.

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