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We can meet the special needs of a full range of industries in Illinois including working with companies in the Agriculture Industry, Coal Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Service Industry, and many others.

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We have worked with many companies in “The Prairie State” helping them with Cash Flow and Factoring needs, for example,:

A Chicago Information Technology Staffing company in business for 13 years was in need of Invoice Factoring. As a Staffing Company, they needed to be able to make timely payments to their employees every week. The problem they faced was their clients typically paid in 60 days, so Cash Flow was not always there, despite a robust business.

They had been using a larger company in the past, but their volume had dropped to below a level that their previous Factoring company would not work with. They did their research and called Paragon. Paragon analyzed their business and was able to offer them a $550,000 Factoring Line of Credit. Without Paragon stepping in, they would not have been able to make their Payroll, and continue on. With Paragon on their side, the company has continued to succeed into the future.

Paragon serves all areas of Illinois including Aurora, Chicago, and Springfield.

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