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What Industries Does Your Factoring Company Specialize?

We provide factoring programs to a full range of industries in Idaho including Food Processing, Freight/Trucking, Lumber, and Wood Products, Machinery, Chemical Products and to many other industries. Since 1994, a wide range of businesses has successfully funded with Paragon.

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Below is an example of how Idaho businesses turn their Accounts Receivables into Cash:

A Food Wholesaling company in business for six years recently needed to expand to a 35,000 square foot facility to keep up with the growing needs of its customers. As a food wholesaler, the company buys food and in turn sells the food to its customers, who usually take 45-60 days to pay their Invoices. This made cash available for their needed development an issue.

Although the company was flourishing, they are privately owned and have very few assets, so they were not able to receive funding for this growth through traditional banking methods. They turned to Paragon for help.

Paragon analyzed their business and Accounts Receivable and was able to provide the company with a $500,000 factoring line of credit with an excellent low rate. With this line of credit, they were able to expand into their new facility giving them the ability for rapid growth in the upcoming years.

An Accounts Receivable ‘loan’ is often your golden ticket to Working Capital Freedom. Factoring companies give your small business with financial flexibility and leverage that was previously not available. Purchase ordering Financing, Accounts Receivable Financing, and Non-Recourse Invoice Factoring can change your companies Working Capital position to positive overnight.

Where does your Factoring Company Service in Idaho?

Paragon serves all areas of Idaho, including Boise, Idaho Falls, Lewiston, Nampa, and Pocatello. We understand the individual needs of Idaho businesses and have over two decades of experience to back it up.

Do you Provide Factoring to Struggling Companies?

Yes, this is part of the beauty of factoring with us. We work with start-ups, companies with IRS issues, client concentration issues, and other challenging financing situations. We can provide them funding at the best rates because we look at the credit of their customer. If they have excellent credit, this gives the small business numerous funding options they didn’t realize were possible.

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