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Your Hawaii Company and How Accounts Receivable Financing and Invoice Factoring Can Work

We can meet the special needs of a full range of industries in HI including working with companies in tourism, food export, oil, and many others.

We have worked with many companies in “The Aloha State” helping them with cash flow and factoring needs, for example:

A door-to-door cable sales company was in need of funding in order to continue to grow. The company was a young company that was just starting to flourish. Although the company was profiting off of all the new sales they were creating, they were dealing with issues with getting the invoices paid in a timely fashion. It is not uncommon in that industries for invoices to be paid 60 days or later. So, they turned to Paragon for financing help, as they could not receive it from traditional banks due to the newness of their company.

Paragon investigated the company and decided they were credit worthy. They extended a $250,000 receivables financing line to the company, so they were able to meet their payroll and expand their business into other territories.

With Paragon’s receivable financing line behind them, the business was able to continue to grow and expand into the future.

Paragon serves all areas of Hawaii, including Honolulu, Hilo and Kailua.

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