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A Guide to Starting a US Import Trade Business with Financing Options

Starting and Financing a US Import Trade Business is not an easy task. Here is a guide to get started and to have financing in place. Export and imports are not new terms. The business of trading (importing and exporting) has been going on for 10,000+ years. Trade had made it possible for the middleman and the pioneers in the export and import business to become rich and prosperous and create the Great Houses. Even today, when a business goes global, it leads to the generation of more wealth in a short period. Furthermore, when a company enters the global

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We all know that the banks do not give a friendly credit environment to the commercial cleaning industry. If they provide any money, then it usually isn’t enough. This often leads to an inability to develop your company due to a lack of funds. Well, there’s financing out there that is significantly rising in popularity in the janitorial industry. We call this Factoring. This type of funding concentrates on your customer’s ability to pay, not yours. How to Get Working Capital using Your Invoices Factoring is the sale of your accounts receivable (invoices) to a funding source at a discount

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What is Invoice Factoring without Recourse?

What Is a Non-Recourse Factoring Agreement? Are you thinking about invoice factoring without recourse for urgent cash flow or for working capital to grow your small business? Well, it may seem like there are many factoring options out there for small business. All accounts receivable factoring options are not equal. Likewise, factoring companies (also known as “factors”) are not all the same. Many factoring companies only provide to factor “with recourse.” More experienced and long-standing factoring companies provide to factor “without recourse.” Invoice factoring without recourse or non-recourse factoring is an agreement within a factoring contract where the factor’s client does not have

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Are Factoring Fees Tax Deductible?

To file for tax deductions available from your factoring arrangement, be sure to turn to a reputable and experienced tax preparer. To better understand your factoring agreement, talk with your factoring company professional representative who knows their stuff. Your tax preparer will need to address a few questions and sort out reporting requirements for you. Here are a Few Key Questions to Handle: Is factoring fees tax deductible? If your factoring agreement calls for invoice sale advance payments to incur interest charges until your customers pay invoices in full, then are the interest charges tax deductible? How will you choose

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Nurse Staffing Agency Financing

How do Nurse Staffing Agencies Get Funding? Even for the most well-managed nurse staffing agencies, payroll, rapid growth, and similar challenges are complex issues. Running a nurse staffing company is no easy task. Try navigating through the high financial pressures with the complexity of scheduling, federal and state staffing requirements and working with staffing models. These include the patient acuity, budget-based, or nurse-patient ratio. Having readily available working capital on hand helps turn these obstacles into a profitable venture. One of the most effective ways to strengthen your finances in nurse staffing agencies demand is through invoice factoring. Factoring is

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The Sad & Expensive Truth about Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) Loan Rates

1.3 rate factor? Notarized COJ? What do these terms even mean? And more importantly, what is the real cost to you of a Merchant Cash Advance or MCA Business Loan? MCA loans are seen as bad credit business loans and are typically 4 to 10 times more expensive than Invoice Factoring with none of the protection. The MCA ACH Loan Rule of Thumb says, whatever the MCA Rate Factor dollar amount is over the payback period, your net profit should be more. If not, at the end of that period you will be that much closer to bankruptcy. For example,

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How Factoring Companies Help Staffing Agencies

It is not uncommon for staffing agencies to experience working capital challenges, especially with weekly payroll. Invoices can take up to 90 days to be paid, all the while you still have to pay your staffing payroll on time. Whether you specialize in short and long-term temp work, or professional recruiting, there are going to be times when the amount of cash coming in is not able to cover what has to go out. These issues are relevant no matter what industry your staffing firm represents from janitorial to nursing, to security guards to teachers. What Mistakes Do Staffing Agencies

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What is Cash Against Documents (CAD) Financing?

Cash Against Document Financing (CAD financing) is a method in which an importer pays for goods before receiving them. To ensure the satisfaction of the transaction from both the parties, a third party will accept the shipping and title documents for the exported goods. There is no release of the product to the buyer – or importer – until the completion of payment. This situation is similar to real estate transactions, where an uninterested party holds money in escrow until the transfer of the home’s title is complete. There is a benefit of CAD Financing for both sides. The exporter

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What is Merchant Cash Advance Consolidation?

What is a Merchant Cash Advance? A merchant cash advance is a cash-flow solution for a business in need of quick working capital. As long as you have a merchant account and accept credit card payments, you could qualify for this type of small business cash advance. The merchant will loan you the money you need. Also, allow repayments towards that loan through your credit card sales, virtually guaranteeing that you do not default. Of course, there will be interest and other fees deducted as well. All of this will be bundled together into your payment plan. Some businesses in

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The Top 5 Business Challenges in 2016

Fear is dominant in today’s economy; from the volatility of the stock market to unknown/unwanted rules and regulations pouring down. From the federal government to oil prices unexpectedly plunging, to the possibility of yet another recession around the corner. This can be debilitating and makes running your business that much more challenging. The best thing to combat fear is education. Additionally, in positioning yourself to be smart and ahead of the curve with your business in 2016 and beyond. 1. Government Risk & Regulations Running a profitable small business is hard enough, now add the ever-increasing government regulations that are

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