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Improving Cash Flow With Purchase Order Financing and Invoice Factoring

Invoice financing and purchase order funding can be an excellent way for a business to generate capital. Companies may utilize this for things they need; either pay current bills and debt or grow their business.

For most businesses, the only alternative they have in order to infuse capital into their companies is to take out a loan or use profits that they already have on hand. Unfortunately, many businesses won’t be able to do either. They may not have been in business long enough for a bank to consider them for a loan. They might also have average or poor credit which also makes it difficult, if not impossible, especially in today’s economic times to get a loan.

While there are companies that are already gaining huge profits and are able to pay their bills and fund future projects, there are many companies that do not have cash on hand to do so. For these types of businesses, purchase order financing and invoice factoring can be a great option.

What is Invoice Factoring?

Invoice factoring involves selling account receivable invoices to a factoring company. A factor will purchase these for a discounted price. Generally between 80% and 90% of the invoices’ full value. Moreover, this is only applicable if the invoice holder has proper credit. If they do not, then it will be difficult to get a factor to purchase the invoices and do business with them.

What is Purchase Order Financing?

Purchase order financing is very similar to invoice financing. However, instead of selling receivables invoices, a company will be selling their purchase orders, which is a promise from another company or individual to buy inventory or a specific service from that company. The entire process would work in much the same way. A factor would come in and provide a percentage of the purchase order.

Businesses Using Factoring Programs

After a factoring firm buys either the purchase orders or the invoices, they will then collect on them. All money is then returned to the original purchase or invoice owner. The factoring companies will receive a fee that is predetermined and agreed upon by both parties.

The company that has sold either the invoice or purchase order, benefits because they can receive money upfront. This allows them to infuse capital into their company without debt and which will likely be very much needed. Instead of waiting for the invoice payments, they are paid much sooner; often within seven days of selling the invoice or purchase order.

As a result, they get the money they need which allows them to maintain their business or even grow it. The factoring companies benefit because they receive a percentage of the invoices for their services.

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Improving Cash Flow With Purchase Order Financing and Invoice Factoring

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