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The Floral & Cut Flower Industries Financing Solution: Receivables Financing & Po Funding

Since 1994, Paragon Financial has been meeting the demands of floral and cut flower importers and wholesalers through Invoice Factoring and Purchase Order Funding. At Paragon, we genuinely understand that time is not your friend and how to deal with dilution percentages in the floral industry.

The Floral & Cut Flower Industries Financing Solution

Funding the Floral & Cut Flower Industries

Benefits to the Floral, Cut Flower Importer/Wholesaler include:

  • No Credit Risk Credit Protection
  • Ability to take on larger orders
  • Highly Competitive Rates – Contact Us for Details
  • Companies with tax issues can be funded
  • Online Accounts Receivable Management and Invoice Verification
  • Off-balance sheet funding
  • Working Capital that flexes up and down with their company’s needs
  • A partner who understands the Floral Industry

The procedure to fund cut flower importation is relatively manageable. You as the cut flower importer make a sale and receive a valid Purchase Order from a creditworthy client. Paragon can provide customer credit protection against bankruptcy/insolvency to cut flower importers. Using a Vendor Guarantee or Cash Against Documents (CAD) fulfilled by Paragon, your vendor ships goods to the US that meets quality, quantity, and timeliness standards. The Cut Flower Importer’s customers mustn’t reject goods for any reason. This is the Purchase Order funding part of the transaction.

Once the importer’s client receives the cut flower and verifies with Paragon receipt and satisfaction with the product, Paragon then factors the invoice generated. Factoring proceeds on imported perishable goods are normally in the 80-85% range. The Invoice Factoring proceeds go to the cut flower importer’s vendor (if a Vendor Guarantee was utilized) or to pay back Paragon for the Purchase Order Financing. Subsequently, once the client of the cut flower importer pays Paragon, then the importer receives the balance of the invoice less Paragon’s original advance percentage and accrued factoring fees.

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