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Government Contracting 101

Entering into a contract with the Federal Government

The United States government has hundreds of federal agencies. Each of these agencies uses contractors to provide various services and goods. This enables thousands of companies to bid on these jobs and work for the federal government. Many businesses find these contracts very beneficial because the government is very likely to pay for any job they contract out.

Because many businesses would love the opportunity to work with the federal government, securing contracts can be very competitive. Companies see these contracts as a secure income and go after them feverishly.

It is important for businesses seeking government contracts to be able to determine which agencies might need their services. Finding out when those jobs are available and knowing how to get them successfully is paramount for a company’s success.

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Although doing business with the government is very rewarding, it can be challenging for new or growing companies. Here are some articles you may find useful to understand how government factoring and contracting work entirely. Also, how they can help your business.

How Does Government Contracting Work?
How to Factor Your Government Contract Receivables
Find and Pursue Government Contracts
Getting a Government Contract
How to Become a Federal Government Contractor

Funding for your Government Contract

While there are several tremendous positives related to fulfilling government contracts, there is a downside, especially for smaller businesses that do not have a lot of extra capital. The downside is that government contracts tend to be pretty big and can be expensive to finance. Operating costs can be very high. For example, there might be a $1 million project available that costs $700,000 to finance. If a company puts all of its resources into the government contract job, then they may have few dollars left over to cover daily expenses and to fund future projects. The absence of consistent cash flow can prevent growth and day-to-day operations. As a result, this discourages some companies from even going after government contracts, despite it being beneficial.

What some of these businesses don’t realize is that there is a way to get the money they need to hold them over until the government pays them. This can be done through invoice factoring.

Invoice Factoring for Your Government Contract

Invoice factoring for government contracts involves a business getting an advance payment on what the government owes them from a factor. By selling their accounts receivables at a discount, they can get money right away. They no longer have to wait to collect it themselves. In exchange, the factor can make money on the invoices by charging the company a discount fee for their services. This allows companies to get the cash they need very fast. Because of this, there are few delays in their day-to-day operations.

There are factoring companies that specialize in government contracts. These factors will typically be more significant and more established because they deal with advancing money for government contracts, which usually are much bigger than average accounts. A company looking to sell its invoices should look for factoring companies that specialize in this industry. They should have the money and expertise to deal effectively with the Federal government.

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Government Contracting 101

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