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Receivable Loan: The Ideal Solution For A Growing Business

The Ideal Solution For A Growing BusinessBusinesses looking to expand, generally only consider two options, getting a bank loan or using the profits they have already generated. Both of these can be great choices under the right circumstances.  However, not every company will qualify for either of these options. A business may be new or have poor credit. They might also be cash poor and unable to fund their growth themselves. For these businesses, a receivable loan might not only make the most sense but it may be their only option.

Debt is the method that many businesses use to support their growth and even their day-to-day operations. Monies received this way may go toward hiring more workers, purchasing more inventory or financing an upcoming job. However, considering today’s economic climate, it is increasingly difficult to qualify for a bank loan. If a company does not have stellar credit and have not been in business a sufficient amount of time, they may not be able to find a bank that will give them money.  Having too much debt can also be risky. Receivable factoring is a way for companies to get the money they need without having to borrow it.

A receivable loan involves a company selling their outstanding account receivables to a factor. A factoring company will typically offer to purchase them for between 85% and 90% of the invoices full value. This payment of money to the business is up front. They can use such money for whatever purpose they want. Purchasing inventory, payroll funding, hiring additional staff or funding the next job, are all options.

After the factor has purchased these invoices, they then begin to collect on them. These monies are given back to the company that originally held them. The factoring firm will hold back an agreed upon fee as their payment.

The basis for payment of factors is on a number of things. The creditworthiness of the invoice holders and the payment period all affect how much the factoring company will charge. There are also other factors. For example, invoices due in 30 days would be less expensive than the debt due in 60 days. This is because it will take longer for the factor to get their money back. There might be other charges as well. These will be dependent on the particular factor.

It is important that all payment agreements are discussed and fully understood before any contract is signed. Having a good knowledge of the process will prevent any misunderstandings prior to the contract being signed.

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