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A Factoring Arrangement Helps You Meet Your Companies Financing Needs

factoring receivable financingWith a Factoring Arrangement, You Get Immediate Cash Instead of Waiting for Your Customers to Pay

When a company needs cash flow to meet their working capital requirements and to invest in growing their business, they will very often seek to create a factoring arrangement to meet those needs.

A factoring arrangement is an agreement between the company and a factoring firm. The company will factor, or sell, their accounts receivable to the firm at a discount for an immediate cash advance. The percentage of cash advance depends not on your firm’s credit record, but on the credit history of your customers.

Factoring agreements allow your company to obtain needed financing without having to take out a bank loan. It is something that you may not want or be able to do.

 You get up to 90% advance of the value of your accounts receivable that you factor with us. Stop waiting for 40 to 60 days, or even longer, for some of your customers to pay their invoices. You can have the money now.

By establishing a factoring arrangement with Paragon, you will be working with one of the leading factoring firms in the U.S., with clients in a wide range of industries and sectors – from oil and gas for exploration, to manufacturing, to wholesaling, to wine, beer & spirits producers financing, to staffing agencies for payroll.

With receivables financing with Paragon Financial, you are able to continue funding your payroll, paying your suppliers, and adding to your inventory, and in addition, have the immediate extra cash to invest in growth-oriented sales and marketing activities.

What’s more, by factoring receivables there is no need to worry about credit evaluation of your customers – that is all completed as part of its due diligence. We even help in the collections area by sending friendly reminders to accounts when payments are past due.

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