Paragon Financial Group is funding during the COVID-19 crisis.

Get Your Money Now from Late-paying Customers

Features of Paragon’s funding programs include:

  • Protection against a larger customer going insolvent or bankrupt (especially important now)

  • Fast, yet personalized Funding Solution customized for your staffing or services company

  • Same-day 100% Payroll Funding once your account is set-up

  • UNLIMITED funds with no predetermined limit

  • No new debt on your books

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What Businesses are Eligible?

Paragon's funding programs applies to most industries and is able to fund many challenging situations:
  • You have B2Biz or B2Govt Clients
  • Monthly Revenue $30,000+
  • Start-ups
  • IRS Issues
  • Client Concentration

Helping Businesses Thrive During Unprecedented Times

“My larger clients have pushed their terms during the COVID-19 ordeal.

Paragon’s no credit risk factoring immediately advanced me cash to cover payroll and other operating expenses when I needed it most.

Keeping the doors open and having my employees paid though-out this crisis is now more plausible then ever.”

Tony from Florida Staffing Company

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