Paragon Financial Group is funding during the COVID-19 crisis.

Get Your Cash Now from Late-paying Customers

Features of Paragon’s funding programs for Staffing and Service Industries include:

  • Same-day 100% Payroll Funding once your account is set-up

  • Protection against a larger customer going insolvent or bankrupt (especially important now)

  • Fast, yet personalized Funding Solution customized for your staffing or services company

  • UNLIMITED funds with no predetermined limit

  • No new debt on your books

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What Businesses are Eligible?

Paragon's funding programs applies to most industries and is able to fund many challenging situations:
  • You have B2Biz or B2Govt Clients
  • Monthly Revenue $30,000+
  • Start-ups
  • IRS Issues
  • Client Concentration

Helping Businesses Thrive During Unprecedented Times

“Receiving fast payroll funding has been huge in keeping my business afloat.

Paragon’s no credit risk factoring immediately advanced me cash to cover payroll and other operating expenses when I needed it most.

Keeping the doors open and having my employees paid though-out this crisis is now more plausible then ever.”

Jane from Florida Staffing Company

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