Protecting Your Business from Future Uncertainty

Understanding the market trends of the future will mean success or failure for your business. It is easier to sell into an expanding marketplace than a contracting one. Think outsourcing vs buggy whips and how much the economy has changed in the last fifteen years. Fifteen years ago a positive mention in PC Magazine helped propel Google, housing prices were soaring and Lehman Brothers was business as usual. Ten years ago, people were unsuccessfully predicting the rise of Ebay drop-off stores and $200/barrel oil. Five years ago who had heard of Uber? Sales success is derived from a little luck, being nimble and a decent understanding of what products and services consumers, companies and governments will need. This knowledge helps you make crucial decisions for your business and family. Do you want to know where to build your resources and network? Here are a few good bets on industries to focus on over the next decade: Wood, Cement & Building Product Importing and Manufacturing – Housing prices are rebounding and people are building again. Construction spending is going up and government must deal with a crumbling infrastructure. Computer System Design – The US and the world as a whole continues to race towards a fully autonomous digital world. Outsourcing & Staffing – Technology cannot solve everything and large corporations and government entities do not want to add the legacy costs of full time employees. Companies and governments of all sizes urgently need staff for IT, healthcare, warehousing, security, clerical, maintenance […]


Factoring Tax Issues

If you have debt to the IRS, obtaining financing or working capital for your business is difficult at best – unless you work with a funding source that can help fix your tax issues and provide the necessary working capital at the same time. Factoring tax issues is a working capital solution many did not know was an option. Paragon Financial is ahead of the curve in dealing with the back-taxes problem. We have access to up-to-date information on IRS liens, levies, tax compliance history, business name discrepancies, accrued tax liabilities, and IRS installment agreements – every relevant piece of information we need to ensure that there is no risk of your receivables being taken by the IRS to fulfill back-tax obligations. For 21 years, Paragon Financial Group has been factoring tax issues and providing working capital solutions. Give us a call at 888-400-5931 today, fill-out the form to the right or chat with us.


What is Single Client Factoring or Client Concentration Factoring

There are companies that only have one or two large clients that make up their revenue source. A good example would be a company that supplies Toyota, Cargill or Target, and these large companies are their only customer.  What happens when this company needs to obtain financing from a bank?   Banks or lenders are most likely not going to approve the company because are the lack of a diverse client-base. At Paragon Financial, we can provide working capital to businesses that have single client or client concentration.   Your company gets the working capital it needs through credit protection, accounts receivable factoring and AR management.     Paragon has been helping companies with through single client and client concentration for over 20 years.  We understand their unique needs and can get them the cash flow they require quickly and efficiently. Give us a call at 888-400-5931 today, fill out the form to the right or chat with us.  


Our Broker Factoring Program

For over 20 years our goal at Paragon has been to give brokers the tools to grow your financial intermediary business and to help entrepreneurs in your community.    If you refer a deal to us, we pay commission for the life of the account. All you have to do is give us a name and a number. If we close the deal, you get the commissions. Imagine getting a check in the mail every month for a simple referral!  It can be like an ongoing salary! Our sweet spot is companies who sell on Net 20-90 day terms with B2B or B2G Sales of $25,000-$3,000,000 per month in the US. We also fund importers of goods into the US.   Many companies cannot get financing because of tax issues. Paragon has expertise in funding companies with tax problems. Credit protection is another “hot button” for entrepreneurs. In business there is only one thing worse than no sales, and that is selling it and not getting paid! Less than 20% of AR funders and factors utilize Credit Insurance to protect against the account debtor’s bankruptcy. Paragon looks at credit protection as a necessity and believes that credit protection is very important for our client’s long term survival and success. Paragon also has deep expertise in Government Invoice factoring which is another great selling tool for you. Many Banks and Factors aren’t comfortable with Government Receivables and stay away from them. Paragon encourages Govt AR & PO funding and realizes it […]


Factoring Importers – Canadian Goods

At Paragon Financial we work with importers bringing in goods from Canada providing their businesses working capital to succeed.   Quickly and efficiently leveraging purchase order financing, cash against documents funding, accounts receivable financing and credit protection. Below are several interesting facts about Canadian goods being imported into the U.S.: Canada ranks #2 behind China for the most imports into the U.S.   U.S. goods imports from Canada totaled $332.1 billion in 2013(the latest statistics available), a 2.5% increase ($8.1 billion) from 2012, and up 50% from 2003. U.S. imports from Canada are up 308% from 1993 (Pre NAFTA). U.S. imports from Canada account for 14.7% of overall U.S. imports. U.S. imports of agricultural products from Canada totaled $21.8 billion in 2013, our largest supplier of Ag imports. Leading categories: snack foods (including chocolate), ($3.2 billion), red meats, fresh/chilled/frozen ($1.9 billion), other vegetable oils ($1.7 billion), live animals ($1.7 billion), and processed fruit and vegetables ($1.4 billion). U.S. imports of private commercial services* (i.e., excluding military and government) to Canada were $29.8 billion in 2012 (latest data available), up 4.8% ($1.4 billion) from 2011, and up 66% from 2002 level. It was up 227% from 1993 (Pre-NAFTA). The other private services (business, professional and technical services), and travel categories accounted for most of U.S. services imports from Canada. Top 10 US Imports from Canada 1. Oil: $119.8 billion 2. Vehicles: $56.3 billion 3. Machines, engines, pumps: $21.1 billion 4. Plastics: $11.4 billion 5. Wood: $8.8 billion 6. Electronic equipment: $8 billion 7. Aircraft, spacecraft: $8 billion 8. […]


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