Government Supplier, Sacramento, CA, Receivable Financing

Paragon Financial has provided a $1,000,000 receivable financing line of credit to a government supplier in Sacramento, CA.

Government Contractor, Office Machine Repair, Indianapolis, Indiana – Invoice Factoring

Paragon Financial has provided a $400,000 invoice factoring line of credit to a government contractor doing office machine repair in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Florida Government Contracts – Accounts Receivable Financing

Paragon Financial Group (“Paragon”) today announced that it has provided a $500,000 accounts receivable financing facility to a Florida construction company working with county and city government contracts. The facility will provide ongoing working capital enabling the company take on additional contracts and continue to grow.

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Jacksonville Florida Government Supplier

Paragon Financial Group, Inc. is delighted to announce a recent success story of a new PO financing and accounts receivable factoring facility for a Florida Department of Health supplier.  Funds will be used to fulfill purchase orders for child car seats shipped to various children’s hospitals mandated by the State.


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