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Computer User Support Specialists: One of the Fastest Growing Temp Staffing Jobs

Computer user support specialists provide support and assistance to individuals and organizations using computer hardware and software. From Baltimore, Maryland to San Antonio, Texas, these temp jobs has seen a 47.8% in year-to-year hiring. This is according to new research by WANTED Technologies. “Staffing firms are being hired to fill excess jobs that HR teams can’t fill internally either due to overall challenging conditions or lack of internal recruiting time and resources especially for these jobs with niche skill sets,” said Meredith Amdur, president, and CEO of WANTED Technologies. There are 17,895 computer user support specialists temp staffing jobs were added

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What is Single Client Factoring or Client Concentration Factoring

There are companies that only have one or two large clients that make up their revenue source. A good example would be a company that supplies Toyota, Cargill or Target, and these large companies are their only customer.  What happens when this company needs to obtain financing from a bank?   Banks or lenders are most likely not going to approve the company because is the lack of a diverse client base. Factoring can provide working capital to businesses that have a single client or client concentration. Your company gets the working capital it needs through credit protection, accounts receivable factoring and AR

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Working Capital with IRS Liens without SBA Loans

In 1817, Benjamin Franklin famously wrote. “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Your epic battle has ended in defeat. Despite your efforts to avoid it, the IRS has won the day, and now there is a tax lien attached to your credit report. How will this affect your ability to succeed going forward? Where can you turn for additional small business working capital? Banks would seem to be off-limits as they notoriously look at credit scores to make their loan decisions. Your best option would appear to be alternative forms of financing.

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Interesting Pallet Industry Facts

Paragon Financial provides funding solutions to the pallet industry along the entire supply chain. Here are some interesting facts about this industry: There are more than 1.8 billion pallets in service in the United States each day. This figure does not include the many more millions of pallets used to ship goods internationally. More than $400 billion worth of American trade is exported annually on wood pallets and containers worldwide. Ninety-five percent of all U.S. packaged products are shipped on pallets, 92 percent of which are made from wood. Wood packaging is the most cost-effective transport and storage platform. Money

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Top Industries in Temporary Contract Staffing

Top Echelon Contracting’s 2013 contract placement statistics show that contract staffing was particularly strong in the following industries.  The list is in order of the strongest industries from the top: Healthcare Business Professionals and Support Staff Engineering and Manufacturing Information Technology Finance and Accounting HR/Legal/Recruiting Sales/Marketing Money When Your Business Needs It Most!

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Staffing Industry Poised to Grow through 2022

A report by the Staffing Industry Analysts’ reports a promising picture for the long-range staffing industry in the U.S. “We forecast that the U.S. temporary help services market will increase at a compound annual rate of 4.6% between now and 2022. Underlying our forecast is our expectation of continued shifts away from the use of independent contractors due to misclassification enforcement, as well as the deepening selection of temporary workers in both professional and industrial occupations. An example would be the utilization of temporary workers in healthcare occupations and construction occupations. This remains below the national average. As such, we

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Chesapeake Energy and Cabot Oil & Gas Supplier and Marcellus Shale Wells

Are you a supplier or vendor for Chesapeake Energy and Cabot Oil & Gas?  If not, you should be.  According to The U.S. Energy Information Administration, the Marcellus region will provide 18% of monthly natural gas production in the United States.   This represents a “key development in a rapidly evolving U.S. natural gas market.” The Marcellus shale wells produced less than two billion cubic feet per day as recently as 2010. The EIA expects production to reach 13 billion cubic feet per day soon. To put that in perspective, in a four-year time period that would represent approximately 60% compound

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Oil and gas suppliers get ready for California, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Colorado!

New technologies are driving the oil and gas boom across the US.   It’s been concentrated in North Dakota and soon will create booms in California, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Colorado.  As an oil and gas energy supplier, you to prepare for such growth. Ensuring you have enough working capital to leverage these exciting opportunities is essential.  The black-gold rush in North Dakota has been creating a new class of millionaire.    Want to be one of them?   Paragon Financial can help you succeed.  Give us a call, e-mail or chat with us. Money When Your Business Needs It Most!

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Walmart $10 million fund to spur on U.S. manufacturing & suppliers

January 23rd Wal-Mart announced it has created a $10 million fund. This is to support manufacturing in the United States offering grants to innovators in U.S. manufacturing. The company’s long-time suppliers are returning production to the United States, as rising wages in China and other offshore production less profitable.   Kent International, a New Jersey-based bicycle manufacturer, announced with Wal-Mart on Thursday that it will move its production to Clarendon, South Carolina, and create 175 new jobs and assemble 500,000 bicycles annually by 2016. Wal-Mart is the largest private employer in the world and employs around 1.3 million people in the United States.

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Louisiana Oil and Gas Industry Seeing Political Battles Heat Up

When it comes to oil and gas in Louisiana political blue and red is blurred. The Louisiana Senate race is bringing in money from Oil and Gas interests from all sides.      This is all good news for Louisiana and its oil and gas suppliers. “I want to say both candidates are pro-oil and gas industry,” Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association Environmental Affairs Director Richard Metcalf said. “Mary(Landrieu) has been a very effective advocate, a very good vote for us. She is next in line to chair the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee when Sen. Max Baucus, D-Montana, becomes ambassador

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