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Purchase Order Factoring

Factoring Importers – Canadian Goods

At Paragon Financial, we work with importers bringing in goods from Canada, providing their businesses working capital to succeed.  Quickly and efficiently leveraging purchase order financing, cash against documents funding, accounts receivable financing, and credit protection. Below are several interesting facts about Canadian goods being imported into the U.S: Canada ranks #2 behind China for the most imports into the U.S.   U.S. goods imports from Canada totaled $332.1 billion in 2013(the latest statistics available), a 2.5% increase ($8.1 billion) from 2012, and up 50% from 2003. U.S. imports from Canada are up 308% from 1993 (Pre NAFTA). Additionally, U.S. imports

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Working Capital with IRS Liens without SBA Loans

In 1817, Benjamin Franklin famously wrote. “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Your epic battle has ended in defeat. Despite your efforts to avoid it, the IRS has won the day, and now there is a tax lien attached to your credit report. How will this affect your ability to succeed going forward? Where can you turn for additional small business working capital? Banks would seem to be off-limits as they notoriously look at credit scores to make their loan decisions. Your best option would appear to be alternative forms of financing.

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Inventory Financing Gets Your Business Moving

Are you product importer, distributor, wholesaler or reseller? Do you maintain high levels of inventory but find yourself short of cash? Or perhaps you’d like to leverage your existing inventory turning it into money to buy more inventory for a larger order? Do you have little inventory but need to fulfill a big order and need cash to pay your suppliers? At Paragon, we work closely with your business and develop a way to provide you with the most efficient transaction possible. Creating a win-win transaction getting the cash you need through methods such as purchase order financing and cash

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Single Debtor Factoring

Single debtor factoring or high concentration receivable factoring. What does that mean? Maybe Walmart is your only client or the city of St. Louis, or Time Warner Cable and Bright House Cable make up 95% of your business. Let’s say you have been in business for 2 years, you are making money, but a bank won’t give you a line of credit or an adequate amount. High client concentration issues are a big problem for small business today. We can help because receivable factoring is credit insured against bankruptcy. 2nd we hard verify with a famous soft touch that your

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Financing with Back Business Taxes

One of the more frustrating tasks in business is trying to find working capital for your business when you have a tax lien or unpaid back taxes. Finding a lender who has worked closely with the IRS is the key. You need a lender who: • Can fund you as a payment plan is being negotiated • Has experience negotiating with the IRS on your behalf so you can be funded • Can be flexible in their financing parameters so that you can balance your cash flow needs with IRS payment demands • Is comfortable dealing with the complexity and

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Factor my Purchase Order – The Easy Life

Have you said to yourself, “I wish it was easy to finance my purchase order”?  Working behind Paragon Financial’s years as a factoring company and leveraging their refined PO funding programs can make your life EASY! We give you the ability to have goods available for your clients from your sources even before you submit an invoice.  Our process is smooth, and our experience gives you the peace of mind you need when making such an important transaction. Are you a product importer, jobber, reseller or distributor? Are you a startup, turn-around, bank exiting, or have non or under-bankable relationships?  

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Letters of Credit Combined with Purchase Order Financing Can Help Seal the Deal to Obtain Needed Working Capital

In today’s global business environment, working capital is often in short supply, as customers usually spend more time paying their invoices than in the past. A lack of working capital can stunt a company’s growth if it doesn’t have funds to purchase goods and supplies to meet its customers’ orders. Purchase Order Financing (PO funding) provides the cash that a lot of businesses need to both fill their customers’ orders and expand their business at the same time. In essence, it advances funds to a company’s suppliers against a purchase order from a qualified customer. This is so the company

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Purchase order financing(po financing) allows you to fund your purchase orders. All you need is a solid purchase order from a creditworthy client. Let’s say you have a purchase order from a creditworthy source like US Government, City of LA or a big box retailer like Walmart. For example, you have t-shirts sold to Walmart for $50,000 that cost you $35,000. Through vendor guarantees, cash against stocks or writing a letter of credit, we fund the purchase of your goods. Walmart pays Paragon and Paragon pay you minus a small fee. If you sell hard goods to creditworthy clients we

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Purchase Order Funding vs Invoice Factoring

Based on the number of calls we get, there is always some confusion on the differences between Invoice Factoring and PO Funding. It’s very simple. If your company generates an invoice and you don’t want to wait to be paid, Invoice Factoring is for you. If you don’t have the money to buy the goods from your supplier to fulfill an order, PO Funding or Purchase order Financing is the answer. Simple enough? If you’d like more information on PO funding, please visit our purchase order financing page here. Perhaps visit our page on invoice factoring…   Money When Your

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For over 15 years we have been financing the wine and spirit industry through invoice factoring, purchase order funding and vendor guarantees. Money When Your Business Needs It Most!™

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