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Non Recourse Invoice Factoring

What is Invoice Factoring without Recourse?

What Is a Non-Recourse Factoring Agreement? Are you thinking about invoice factoring without recourse for urgent cash flow or for working capital to grow your small business? Well, it may seem like there are many factoring options out there for small businesses. All accounts receivable factoring options are not equal. Likewise, factoring companies (also known as “factors”) are not all the same. Many factoring companies only provide to factor “with recourse.” More experienced and long-standing factoring companies provide to factor “without recourse.” Invoice factoring without recourse or non-recourse factoring is an agreement within a factoring contract where the factor’s client does

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Non-Recourse Factoring

What is Non-Recourse Invoice Factoring? Do different factoring companies have different definitions of the Invoice Factoring of Receivables Without Recourse? What is Recourse vs. Non Recourse Factoring? Moreover, most importantly, how do I protect myself and my company from the “Nuclear Option”? Statistics show that less than 20% of Accounts Receivable Financing Companies utilize credit insurance as part of their Non-Recourse Invoice Factoring product. Why is that number so low? First, you have to have a strong balance sheet and credit culture to qualify as the large insurers who offer credit insurance have stringent guidelines. Paragon passes both hurdles with flying

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