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Top 10 Benefits of Disaster Recovery Invoice Factoring Benefits of Invoice Factoring for Disaster Recovery

Natural disasters are simply a part of life. Fires, hurricanes, winter storms, tornadoes, tsunami, and earthquakes can reach devastation on local economies. A business must keep ahead of the risk and prepare when the worst does come. Factors have special disaster assistance program provides emergency non-recourse invoice factoring; credit protected working capital for co

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How to Get a Business Loan with Bad Credit

Imagine this – your personal and business credit history is less than stellar. It’s just plain wrong.  However, your business needs financing for working capital. Your customers tend to pay their invoices slowly, and you’re desperate for a bank loan.

How to Get a Business Loan with Bad Credit?

Business owners often find themselves in this challenge for several reasons. You already know bank loans are not a possibil

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Use of Temp Nurses Can Save Hospitals Money

Study suggests “modest use” of temporary staff can lead to cost savings and efficiencies … find out how your temp staffing firm can leverage invoice factoring to land more staffing contracts.

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Daily news from Staffing Industry Analysis:

Healthcare staffing providers among the best staffing firms to work for
Cross Country revenue up 8% on pro forma basis in Q4
General Employment closes on Scribe, ex-MPS leader takes CEO role
Nursing, IT jobs top positions filled

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Working Capital with IRS Liens without SBA Loans

In 1817, Benjamin Franklin famously wrote. “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

Your epic battle has ended in defeat. Despite your efforts to avoid it, the IRS has won the day, and now there is a tax lien attached to your credit report.

How will this affect your ability to succeed going forward? Where can you turn for additional small business working capital? Banks would seem to be off-limits as they notoriously look at credit scores to make their lo

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Invoice Factoring and PO Funding For Washington DC Businesses Government Contract Funding

Invoice factoring and PO funding for Washington DC government contractors are available today. Typically the factoring of government receivables is not available by banks and factoring companies.

With 27 years of experience, Paragon Financial understands how to work through the government bureaucracy of local, state, and federal agencies. We possess in-depth knowledge of the Fede

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Notification Invoice Factoring Can Help Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Customers

Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Customers
Is it good business to let your customers know that you are utilizing invoice factoring to extract the working capital from your accounts receivables and that they should pay the invoice to your factoring firm? We 100% believe it is.
Some business owners are concerned about letting their customers know that they have factored their accounts receivables. These owners may feel

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