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bad credit loan option

Your personal and business credit history is less than stellar. In fact, it’s just plain bad, at the same time your business needs financing for working capital. Your customers tend to pay their invoices slowly and you’re desperate for a bank loan. Business owners find themselves in this challenge for a broad range of reasons. You already know bank loans are not a possibility because lenders look to your profitability, cash flow, and credit history when applying for a loan. The good news is there is affordable working capital available to businesses with bad credit. Even With Bad Credit, You Can Obtain ... Read More


Study suggests “modest use” of temporary staff can lead to cost savings and efficiencies … find out how your temp staffing firm can leverage invoice factoring to land more staffing contracts. Read More Daily news from Staffing Industry Analysis: Healthcare staffing providers among the best staffing firms to work for Cross Country revenue up 8% on pro forma basis in Q4 General Employment closes on Scribe, ex-MPS leader takes CEO role Nursing, IT jobs top positions filled through staffing firms, research finds Weatherby Healthcare names new president Fastaff names VP of recruiting Travel nursing interest rises another 3% over Q4 ... Read More

IRS tax lien ar financing

In 1817, Benjamin Franklin famously wrote. “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Your epic battle has ended in defeat. Despite your efforts to avoid it, the IRS has won the day and now there is a tax lien attached to your credit report. How will this affect your ability to succeed going forward? Where can you turn for additional small business working capital? Banks would seem to be off limits as they notoriously look at credit scores to make their loan decisions. Your best option would appear to be alternative forms of ... Read More

Washington DC factoring

Invoice factoring and PO funding for Washington DC government contractors is available today.   Typically the factoring of government receivables is not offered by banks and factoring companies.  With 20 years of experience, Paragon Financial understands how to work through the government bureaucracy of local, state and federal agencies.   We possess deep knowledge of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and being paid through programs like iRAPT formerly WAWF. Paragon’s DC government contract clients receive benefits from our Financial Capability Certification Program.  This program provides customers with contingent financing commitments so that they can demonstrate to U.S. Government contracting officers that they possess the financial ... Read More

Accounts Receivable non-notification factoring

Is it good business to let your customers know that you are utilizing invoice factoring to extract the working capital from your accounts receivables, and that they should pay the invoice to your factoring firm? We 100% believe it is. Some business owners are concerned about letting their customers know that they have factored their accounts receivables. These owners may feel that “If my customers find out that I’m factoring my receivables, they might think that my company is having financial problems.” In our experience, this turns out not to be the case. First, customers with strong accounts payable departments ... Read More

Hardware supplier financing

Americans are embracing home improvement projects with expenditures achieving double-digit gains for the first half of 2014. Informational television is increasing the scope of homeowner’s projects, with HGTV as one of the most watched networks for weekend viewers. Consumers are being motivated to invest in their homes both through do it yourself and professional home improvements. As the public holds onto homes for longer periods of time, they have graduated from simpler repairs to more encompassing renovation projects. This trend is borne out by the steadily increasing revenues of Ace Hardware, Lowe’s, The Home Depot, Menards, True Value and the ... Read More


Here is a huge factoring agreement worth mentioning.  Russian company Gazprom Energoholding has completed a factoring transaction totaling $377,000,000 US. The factoring agreement was based on construction work on a combined heat and power plant.  The transaction was structured in two months. The debtor is Inter RAO Capital (a subsidiary of Inter RAO). The factoring company has provided financing of 100% of the assigned receivable without recourse. “This is Gazprom Energoholding’s first experience of using factoring. The speed at which the transaction was completed was really impressive, and we hope that factoring solutions will be useful for companies in our group ... Read More

financing beverage company

Are you a supplier, importer or distributor of a one of the top 100 beverage companies below? Did you know Paragon Financial funds your industry with working capital to help close important deals and keep your operations running smooth.  We offer multiple funding programs such as invoice factoring, PO funding, ar management and credit protection.   Are you a beverage company with IRS issues, a startup, client concentration and other challenges to obtaining the proper cash-flow? At Paragon Financial we have been funding beverage companies for over 20 years. We understand your specific industry needs.       Rank Company Location Product ... Read More

Leading factoring company

Shedding New Light on an Old Relationship Client: Lighting Company Industry: Lighting and Energy Conservation Situation: Located in Boston, MA, this forward-thinking company provides cost-effective turnkey lighting solutions from design through installation and ongoing service. Working for commercial, industrial and utility markets, each project is a huge, labor-intensive undertaking, and they relied on invoice factoring to finance payroll. They had been working with Paragon Financial on a steady basis until they perceived a need to move toward a more traditional finance relationship, but we kept in touch. After four years with another finance company, the Company called Paragon and asked to come back ... Read More

Leading factoring companies

Paragon Financial is one of the leading factoring companies in the U.S.   Here are six of the many reasons why: 1. We credit protect you. Why is this important and how does it separate Paragon from other AR factoring companies? Less than 20% of invoice factoring companies utilize credit insurance. Why so few? It is expensive and many invoice factors do not meet the stringent requirements of the credit insurance providers. Most importantly, Paragon being entrepreneurial like our clients see that safety and the ability to live to fight another day is paramount. 2. We can work with tax issues. Many companies deal ... Read More

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