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Government Contract

How to Win (& Finance) Government Contracts

Generating nearly $1 trillion each year into businesses across the country, the U.S. government continues to be the largest single purchaser of goods and services to both large and small enterprises with their letting of contracts and Request For Proposals (RFP). The federal government has lots of money to spend and is the single investor who is printing more of the stuff. Businesses of all sizes and those in nearly any industry can win high-value contracts with the federal government. These contracts don’t just go to big defense and transportation agencies, either. Fully 23% of U.S. government contracting funds go

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Registering to be a Government Contractor

At Paragon Financial, we have been funding government contractors for over years. We are one of the several factoring companies that will work with the government, and we do it on the federal, state, and local levels. Other factoring and finance companies simply don’t have the supplies and knowledge to successfully operate through the government red tape. We understand the difficulty of FAR and leverage the Department of Defense’s iRapt. Federal, state and local governments provides you with the chance to sell billions of dollars worth of products and services. Many government agencies require that some percentage of their acquisitions

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Invoice Factoring and PO Funding For Washington DC Businesses

Invoice factoring and PO funding for Washington DC government contractors are available today. Typically the factoring of government receivables is not available by banks and factoring companies. With years of experience, Paragon Financial understands how to work through the government bureaucracy of local, state, and federal agencies. We possess in-depth knowledge of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and receive payment through programs like iRAPT formerly WAWF. Paragon’s DC government contract clients receive benefits from our Financial Capability Certification Program. This program provides customers with contingent financing commitments so that they can demonstrate to U.S. Government contracting officers that they possess

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Invoice Factoring for Government Contracts

Government contract financing is essential for you to maintain the proper level of working capital. Here are several reasons you want to use Invoice Factoring, Purchase Order Financing, and Credit Protection for your company and Government Contracts: Paragon Financial understands the FAR – The FAR System governs the process by which the government purchases goods and services. We work with startups.  Paragon looks at the credit of your client, not your own. We work with clients that have concentration issues. Credit protection is offered with all of our products.  Not many factors can provide credit protection, and it reduces your risks.

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A great way to grow your business is selling to the government. 99% of federal, state and city government entities are creditworthy and they buy every product and service that is manufactured or delivered in the US. Here are a few tips when contracting with the government: Make sure you have enough margin. Many times people will low bid and only have 5-7% gross margin and think they have a foot in the door. On the next round of bidding when they raise it to 20-30-40% gross margin they need they don’t get the bid. Don’t give your services and

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Factoring Accounts Receivable for Government Contractors

Paragon Financial has been seeing the Federal Government sequester having a direct impact on their clients and prospects increasing the need for receivable factoring and purchase order factoring programs. These delays have had a direct impact on Paragon Financial’s small business contractors.  Paragon Financial has been able to help navigate their clients through the cash flow problems through factoring accounts receivable. “Our clients in the government contractor segment are being squeezed financially because of longer pay times and increased competition on contracts resulting in working capital issues. We are also being approached by SME’s who now need accounts receivable financing

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For over years Paragon Financial has been providing government contract financing. Whether it be federal, state, municipal or local we understand your needs and can help. We provide both invoice factoring and purchase order funding programs. Money When Your Business Needs It Most!™

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2012 NMSDC Conference

Don’t miss out to meet our own Eddy del Rio at the 2012 NMSDC Conference October 28 – 31 in Denver.  This event brings together all the minority owned businesses through the country, who are looking to sell the Government and Blue Chip companies.  Eddy went last year and it was great. For more information click here Money When Your Business Needs It Most!™

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Featured EVENT – How to Sell to the Government

Paragon’s newest event ‘How to Sell to the Government’ September 28, 2012 — 8:30-10:30am Presented by a top expert, Dr. Bill Hunter, this 2-hour seminar packed with hard-hitting information will introduce you to vital information on how to sell successfully to the government. Click here for more information and to register Money When Your Business Needs It Most!™

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Technology / Software Developer Turns to Paragon for Crucial Working Capital

A technology and software developer headquartered in Deer Park, Illinois, led by a serial entrepreneur with a track record of building successful companies, developed an innovative monitoring device for the Canadian Government Healthcare System. The device enables patients newly-released from the hospital to communicate with a registered nurse and get advice via video and chat function. This allows them not to have to go back to the hospital and be readmitted for minor issues that can be addressed remotely. The Illinois company was working with Toshiba and Motorola to manufacture parts, and with another company for assembly. But the Canadian

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