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Collection Strategies for Getting Paid on Time

Collection Strategies for Getting Paid on Time Running a business is a challenging prospect, add in the current economic environment and keeping your business afloat is harder than ever. As we all know, a huge aspect of having a healthy company is cash flow. In fact, 82 percent of small business failures stem from poor cash-flow management. We often need to slow down, review our agreements and procedures to fully realize our business potential. By implementing a good collections strategy, you can not only improve the likelihood that you will get paid on time, you will also give your business

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The Top 5 Business Challenges in 2016

Fear is dominant in today’s economy; from the volatility of the stock market to unknown/unwanted rules and regulations pouring down. From the federal government to oil prices unexpectedly plunging, to the possibility of yet another recession around the corner. This can be debilitating and makes running your business that much more challenging. The best thing to combat fear is education. Additionally, in positioning yourself to be smart and ahead of the curve with your business in 2016 and beyond. 1. Government Risk & Regulations Running a profitable small business is hard enough, now add the ever-increasing government regulations that are

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How Can Debtor-in-Possession Financing Help Turn a Company Around Following Bankruptcy?

For many distressed companies, there is hope for new financing. If your company is going through a chapter 11 bankruptcy; has filed for bankruptcy protection, you may be able to take advantage of DIP financing. Debtor-In-Possession Financing helps companies owners to reverse course and return to profitability. What is Debtor-in-Possession Financing? DIP Financing is available to companies where lenders believe the company has a credible chance to turn around from bankruptcy. The term “Debtor-in-Possession” refers to the fact that the current management and board of directors remain “in possession” of the company following its bankruptcy filing. Many small business owners

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The Changing Landscape of Cable/Telecom

“We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten. Don’t let yourself be lulled into inaction.” – Bill Gates As a -year funder of the cable and telecom industry, Paragon Financial closely monitors changes within the industry.  This allows us to help cable/telecom vendors, proactively, suppliers and contractors succeed. We all are watching as talks continue of AT&T’s merger with DirectTV, Comcast with Time-Warner, and T-mobile with Sprint. There are also new players like Google Fiber, Apple TV, and Netflix. They are poised to shake

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Handgun/Firearm Manufacturers and Vendors

Handgun/Firearm Manufacturers and Vendors: Money When Your Business Needs It Most!

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Growing Your Business

To grow your business successfully, you need all three of the following: A substantial number of prospective clients, who you can locate and connect. These prospective clients need to have a problem which your service provides the answer. Finally, they need to be willing and able to pay you for solving their problem. The three items above are what most people strive for to have a successful business. However, if you want even more from your business, something exceptional, you need to do one thing differently. To be outstanding, you need to change number 2 on this list: These prospective clients need

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National Encore Entrepreneur Mentor Month

The Small Business Administration (SBA) and AARP are teaming up to host National Encore Entrepreneur Mentor Month, targeting entrepreneurs over the age of 50. Building on last year’s successful strategic alliance, the two organizations provided nationwide mentoring and training to over 119,000 individuals. Throughout April, SBA district offices, state AARP offices and SBA resource partners will host more than 100 events (workshops, conferences, seminars, etc.) to help entrepreneurs 50+ start or grow a business. The following are valuable links to SBA and AARP entrepreneur online resources: Free Online Courses Encore Entrepreneurship for Women Encore Entrepreneurship Webinar Series Money When Your Business

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Anchorage Alaska’s Top 15 Employers

Anchorage Alaska’s Top 15 Employers Providence Health & Services (hospital/medical center) Wal-Mart/Sam’s Club (grocery/general merchandise) Carrs/Safeway (grocery) Fred Meyer (grocery/general merchandise) ASRC Energy Services (oilfield services) BP Exploration Alaska (oil and gas extraction) NANA Management Services (catering/lodging/security) CH2MHill (oilfield services) Alaska Airlines (air carrier) Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) (hospital/medical center) GCI Communications (communications) Southcentral Foundation (hospital/medical center) FedEx (air freight/courier service) ConocoPhillips (oil and gas extraction) Alaska USA Federal Credit Union (financial services) Money When Your Business Needs It Most!

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Build a Successful Marketing Plan – 15 Key Business Success Factors

Every marketing plan needs to include an industry analysis. Why? Because it is of critical importance to understand the industry you operate in, and to identify and track your performance to key business success factors (KSFs) for your organization. Understanding your industry and identifying your KSFs will help in building a successful marketing plan; one that is based on measurable progress and results. A key success factor is an element of a whole that affects your business’ ability to do well in your market. Most businesses focus on between three and five of the most important (to their business) success

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Louisiana Oil and Gas Industry Seeing Political Battles Heat Up

When it comes to oil and gas in Louisiana political blue and red is blurred. The Louisiana Senate race is bringing in money from Oil and Gas interests from all sides.      This is all good news for Louisiana and its oil and gas suppliers. “I want to say both candidates are pro-oil and gas industry,” Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association Environmental Affairs Director Richard Metcalf said. “Mary(Landrieu) has been a very effective advocate, a very good vote for us. She is next in line to chair the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee when Sen. Max Baucus, D-Montana, becomes ambassador

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