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Business Financing

What is Cash Against Documents (CAD) Financing?

Cash Against Document Financing (CAD financing) is a method in which an importer pays for goods before receiving them. To ensure the satisfaction of the transaction from both the parties, a third party will accept the shipping and title documents for the exported goods. There is no release of the product to the buyer – or importer – until the completion of payment. This situation is similar to real estate transactions, where an uninterested party holds money in escrow until the transfer of the home’s title is complete. There is a benefit of CAD Financing for both sides. The exporter

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Turning Business Tax Issues into Opportunity

One of the most frustrating things in the US is having a big growth business but dealing with legacy unpaid taxes or tax liens. It is tough to deal with your financial needs with the unpaid tax albatross hanging around your business’s neck. However, for years, we have been helping businesses get the working capital they need who have due taxes or tax liens. A Few Things that Separate Paragon from Other A/R Funding & PO Finance Companies: Is this their area of expertise? For years, we have been negotiating with the IRS on the client’s behalf. Also, many times,

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Factoring Tax Issues

If you have a debt to the IRS, obtaining financing or working capital for your business is difficult at best – unless you work with a funding source that can help fix your tax issues and provide the necessary working capital at the same time. Factoring tax issues is a working capital solution many did not know was an option. Paragon Financial is ahead of the curve in dealing with the back-taxes problem. We have access to up-to-date information on IRS liens, levies, tax compliance history, business name discrepancies, accrued tax liabilities, and IRS installment agreements – every relevant piece of

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Financing for Staffing Companies

Founded in 1994, Paragon offers Fast Growing Labor, Guard, IT & Staffing Companies an alternative to bank financing. When banks either WILL NOT loan or provide TOO LITTLE funds, Paragon promptly supplies a steady stream of cash through Invoice Factoring. Our Programs Invoice Factoring, Accounts Receivables Financing & Credit Protection 90% Advance Rates with Online Invoice Submission, Reporting, and D&B Reports The Famous Paragon “Soft Touch” with your Clients Paragon can move Quickly on New Client or High Growth Client Approval versus slow Bank Underwriting. Optional Back Office services are also available. Target Clients Startups, Turnarounds, Bank Exiting, and Non

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Supply Chain Financing

If you are a small business owner who supplies goods or services to large customers, you may be able to obtain needed cash flow through supply chain financing. Supply chain financing or reverse factoring is typically a three-way relationship; among a supplier, a large customer, and a factoring firm. The customer in effect pre-approves invoices from a given supplier and commits to paying the invoices. Because of the customer’s higher credit rating, the factor is willing to conduct the transaction at a lower fee to the supplier. The factor pays the supplier based on the customer’s credit and will then

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How Can Debtor-in-Possession Financing Help Turn a Company Around Following Bankruptcy?

For many distressed companies, there is hope for new financing. If your company is going through a chapter 11 bankruptcy; has filed for bankruptcy protection, you may be able to take advantage of DIP financing. Debtor-In-Possession Financing helps companies owners to reverse course and return to profitability. What is Debtor-in-Possession Financing? DIP Financing is available to companies where lenders believe the company has a credible chance to turn around from bankruptcy. The term “Debtor-in-Possession” refers to the fact that the current management and board of directors remain “in possession” of the company following its bankruptcy filing. Many small business owners

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Paragon Helps Oil and Gas Industry Suppliers Stay Afloat

From Texas to Alaska, crude oil prices are plummeting, rig counts are falling, drilling permits are down and so is employment. At the same time, banks are tightening lending terms along with credit lines for oil, gas and energy suppliers. Financing is becoming harder to come by, but these same businesses must have the working capital to get through times of cheaper gas prices. The goods news is oil prices are cyclical and lower prices will eventually lead to more demand. Invoice factoring and PO Funding is perfect for oil/gas suppliers to weather the storm. When banks are no longer lending,

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Are Bank Loans Available Again?

For five years, U.S. consumers have been undergoing a massive debt reduction: Paying off credit cards, paring back spending and building up funds for a rainy day. Investors, though, have been looking to see whether Wall Street banks are lending for a positive sign that the economic recovery is picking up steam. Last week, investors got a sign—though not quite as positive as they may have hoped. For banks like JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America—which each reported “core” loan growth in the single-digit percent range—the uptick in borrowing came from high net-worth clients in their brokerages, not from the consumer banks. “Households

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Oil & Gas Growth Along the Entire Supply Chain

The oil and gas boom continues into 2014, and its impact is broad to a myriad of industries and suppliers. The oil and gas boom is producing millions of jobs with the hydrocarbon sector creating jobs faster than Silicon Valley. Employment is up 40% in the oil and gas fields since the recession began in late 2007. Every one of the ten states like Texas, Oklahoma, and North Dakota, where hydrocarbon production is on the rise, overall employment growth has outperformed the nation. Direct employment in the oil and gas industry rose 40% from 2007 through 2013. Compare that to

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What Is Work In Process or WIP Financing?

Work in Progress (WIP) is part of the inventory that’s currently working on and is yet to be complete.  It is the part of the production process in-between the raw material and finished goods.  WIP includes items that are being fabricated or waiting for further processing or storage. WIP Financing for the Manufacturing Industry If the product is pre-sold to a creditworthy customer and your business has a stable manufacturing process, this unfinished product can be leveraged for funding. Paragon Financial is one of the few non-bank lenders offering WIP financing. There are many factors involved in funding a WIP,

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