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Utilizing a Factoring Company for Growth in the Wines, Spirits and Beer Industry

Entrepreneurs engaged in the wines, spirits, and beer industries often find it very difficult to finance their working capital needs. The reason is the time lag between the production, importing, distributing, or selling of alcoholic beverages. Add that to the time when they receive the payment from their customers.

Whether you are importing wines from Chile; distributing beverages to big box stores, specialty stores or wholesalers; producing wines in California or Washington State; or brewing beer in microbreweries in Massachusetts, New York or anywhere in between, a shortage of working capital can slow your business down, reduce annual sales, and thus overall business profitability.

Get the Capital You Need as Demand Rises

]Whatever your end of the industry, your business should not have to be slowed, or your sales reduced because of inadequate cash flow. That’s especially true when the global demand for alcoholic beverages is forecast to be on the rise in 2013 and beyond, according to a recent analysis from Moody’s Investor’s Service. Moody’s raised the outlook for the industry to “positive” from “stable,” saying that commodity cost pressures in the industry are decreasing and that the demand is growing, particularly in emerging markets.

Just observe what’s happening in your area — how demand for wines, spirits, and beer is rising. You don’t want to lose out simply because of a shortage of working capital.

To help maintain and grow your business, a factoring company can be the funding solution. You can use funding programs such as invoice factoring to obtain cash now without waiting the typical 60+ days until your customer pays their invoice. You can use purchase order financing to obtain the goods and supplies you need. Alternatively, you can use a vendor guarantee from a high-quality finance company to obtain needed supplies.


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Paragon Understands Your Business, and We Can Help

All aspects of the wines, spirits, and beer businesses are highly competitive. When you’re seeking to grow your business, there is no time to lose with underfinancing concerns. A qualified alternative financing and asset-based lending firm such as Paragon Financial can provide for all of your funding needs.

For more than 27 years, Paragon Financial has been providing wine industry financing, beer factoring, alcoholic beverage factoring, craft beer factoring, and microbrewery factoring across the US.

We understand the wine and spirits industry. And we know the complexities and differences in state-by-state regulatory requirements. This can often delay or prevent new business opportunities if you don’t follow them properly.

We provide working capital through factoring to entrepreneurs. Especially those who need the cash to move their business ahead in the constantly-competitive alcoholic beverage environment. By obtaining cash quickly following invoicing through factoring rather than waiting 60+ days for invoice payment, you can easily fund payroll, pay suppliers, and invest in growing your business.

We can buy your supplies for you through our purchase order financing program. We can guarantee credit to your vendors through our vendor guarantee program.

And we can fund your invoices to your downstream customers at very high advance rates through our factoring program.

As the demand for wines, spirits, and beer heats up going forward, as anticipated, you will be glad that you have a service-oriented financing firm at your side helping you to meet your current needs and expand your business to the next level.

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