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The Ins and Outs of Invoice Factoring

The Ins and Outs of Invoice Factoring

The Ins and Outs of Invoice Factoring

In this article, we will discuss the ins and outs of invoice factoring. Invoice factoring allows companies to receive monies quickly without having to obtain a loan. It is a sort of cash advance that doesn’t have to be repaid. It can be for quick cash generation for one’s business without taking on new debt.

A business can access money in as little as 24 hours using invoice factoring. It would be a difficult task to list any form of income generation. Those that would allow a company to access money as quickly and easily and without having to pay it back. Often, not only does money have to be paid back, but a company will be forced to pay handsomely for the privilege of borrowing it.

The In’s and Out’s of Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring relies on the good credit of a company’s clients. The credit score of the business does not matter, nor is how long a company has been in a business concern. Typically, a company is not able to generate cash within a short amount of time, unless they have an open line of credit. Also, certainly not without taking on new debt. However, it may not be possible for a company to qualify for a loan if they don’t have a good credit score. The same can be said with those that have not been in business for an adequate amount of time.

Invoice factoring differs a great deal from a loan. A factor will purchase a business’ invoices at a discounted rate, often at around 90% of their full value. They then assume the responsibility of collecting on those invoices. All money owed to the company will now go to the factor. All payment terms and agreements will be honored by the factor as well.

Once all of the money is collected, including the outstanding amount of the invoice (the remaining amount of the discounted invoice), all monies are returned to the company that originally owned the invoices, minus a fee. This fee typically falls within the 3% and 5% range. However, this is negotiable and dependent upon the factor and when the invoices are due.

Invoice factoring can be a fantastic way for a company to generate cash quickly. It is not a loan, so it never has to be repaid and a company that doesn’t have to qualify for it necessarily. Whether or not factoring is an option will be dependent upon the creditworthiness of one’s clients. That is to say, not the business itself. This can be of great comfort to companies with poor credit or who haven’t been operating for very long.

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