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The Changing Landscape of Cable/Telecom

The changing landscape of cable“We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten. Don’t let yourself be lulled into inaction.” – Bill Gates

As a 27-year funder of the cable and telecom industry, Paragon Financial closely monitors changes within the industry.  This allows us to help cable/telecom vendors, proactively, suppliers and contractors succeed.

We all are watching as talks continue of AT&T’s merger with DirectTV, Comcast with Time-Warner, and T-mobile with Sprint. There are also new players like Google Fiber, Apple TV, and Netflix. They are poised to shake further up the industry which cannot be ignored.

According to a new Kansas City door-to-door survey, Google could obtain 50 percent market penetration of its 1 Gbps broadband service in the next three to five years.  For only $70 per month, Google Fiber’s broadband service is 50 to 100 times faster than what the average broadband customer is receiving today.  By comparison, Time Warner Cable offers 100-megabit Internet service – one-tenth as fast as Google Fiber – for $64.99 per month.

“We don’t think Google Fiber is an experiment, a regulatory ploy, or just a bluff to keep incumbents in check or get them to upgrade their networks. We believe the potential to build a large, profitable business is one of the main motivations for Google,” says Bernstein Research analysts Carlos Kirjner and Peter Paskhaver.

From a content standpoint, Netflix has grown from being a movie provider to a television company with Emmy winning programming. The release of all the episodes simultaneously around the world is a hugely disruptive strategy. This is one that has already altered consumer expectations. Additionally, the splash at the Emmys let talent, audiences, and rivals know how serious they are about plans.

Apple TV is exploding in popularity selling more than 13 million second-generation devices. Half of their sale was during 2013 alone.  Using Apple TV sales as a proxy for the market (which includes Chromecast, Roku, etc.), the data is telling us that the trend away from traditional TV is accelerating rapidly.

According to a recent WSJ article, the next-generation Apple TV is a true set-top replacement capable of streaming live TV channels, recording TV a la TiVo, accessing internet programming, streaming on-demand shows/movies and serving as the content aggregator.  Consumers will receive all of this in a beautiful user interface with their credit card pre-loaded, making consumption frictionless.

The future of the industry is happening right now, and we are here to help.  For 27 years, the cable/ telecom industry has been coming to Paragon Financial for working capital solutions and credit protection.

We understand your situation and will help you navigate through these uncertain, but growing times.  Give Paragon Financial a call at 888.400.5931.

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