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Temp Staffing Companies Continued Growth in 2014

temp staffing companiesWith a US economy still on shaky ground, companies are reluctant to high full-time employees. Especially on the heels of Obamacare and the associated costs of full-time employment. Temporary workers are being hired to save money. As a result, the market demand for temp staffing firms is increasing.

With that demand comes the need for additional cash to fund bigger payrolls.  Receivables factoring can be an excellent way to help manage staffing industries growth.

Staffing companies such as TrueBlue and Labor SMART have reported steep increases in growth and revenue. Robert Half International has an earnings-per-share quarterly growth rate of 17.10%.

The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, has directly impacted the staffing sector giving it more business now and in the future. As the healthcare mandate continues, staffing companies will continue to grow.

Companies working their way out of the economic turn-down need more workers.  Since 2008 many companies have turned to contractors and part-time instead of full-time employees. Corporations realized the value of utilizing contractors, who can provide greater efficiency and lower costs. Temporary staff hiring has continued during the recovery and will stay strong soon. Paragon Financial provides receivables factoring packages to help temporary staffing companies fund payroll for additional employees. Even if the staffing company has an IRS lien or less than desirable credit Paragon may still be able to help where a bank loan is not possible.

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