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Recession is Over… But Not For You!

recession-21The National Association for Business Economics reveals that 70% of the people interviewed by their surveyor recently believed that the real GDP will grow by more than 2% this year. Up to 24% believe that the GDP will grow by more than 3%. Has the American government regained confidence from its people?

It does look like it has. Some economists are actually optimistic that the prospects for growth this year is great. Industries are currently reporting increasingly better profits and added more jobs, although the recovery may still remain slow. A senior economist of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, William Strauss, said, “After more than two years of job losses, job creation increased in the first quarter of 2010, suggesting a better outlook for hiring over the next six months.”

Last March 2010, the Labor Department announced that job creation increased by 162,000. This was the largest increase in 3 years. The report still was made to look like there was a reason to celebrate although it would mean that we had to ignore that nearly one-third of the jobs created then came from temporary hiring for the Census.

While economists of the Federal Reserve keep forecasting economic growth or that the recession is over, others are forecasting even a worse recession coming. It is interesting to see how the Federal Reserve never even warned the American people about this recession before it actually happened, and now they actually forecast that the recession is over or that the economy is at the verge of recovery. Meanwhile, other economists, forecasters, successful investors, and businessmen seem to have a completely different opinion from the Federal Reserve… and even the government.

Jim Rogers, investor, and author believes that the recession is going to be worse, despite the rise in stock market.

Gerald Celente, CEO of the Trends Research, believes that the government is making it appear as if there was a recovery, but the fact of the matter is that nothing is going to get better.

The National Bureau of Economic Research, a body that confirms the inception and the end of US trade cycles, believes it is far to early to announce that the recession is over, despite positive indicators.

Lawrence Mishel, a nationally recognized economist and President of the Economic Policy Institute, believes that the recession is not over.

So is the recession over or not? Whom would you rather believe more? Probably not a good idea to believe the Federal Reserve or the government. However, it is still amazing to see how 70% of Americans actually do believe the lies that it is over… despite all the counter forecast by independent economic analysts or forecasters. But then again, maybe they weren’t really lying.

The recession is probably over, but not for you… it is over for all the little friends of the Federal Reserve who received a huge chunk of bail-out money…

Let Paragon attest recession is over today!

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