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The New Reality of Import PO Financing in 2015

As China devalues its currency, cheaper Chinese imports are creating strong opportunities for United States importers. At the same time, with a growing middle class, China is now the third largest US export destination just behind Canada and Mexico. US exports to China have increased 198 percent over the past 10 years. Higher than any other country as stated in the US-China Business Council in its 2015 annual report. With China’s shift towards a consumer-driven growth model, the world’s factory of today will become the world’s largest importer. This also sets to be the world’s market in the next decade. Trade ... Read More

Footwear Importers and Distributors –  Enhance Your Growth with Import Funding and Purchase Order Financing

The global footwear market totaled about $200 billion in 2014 and will grow to about $220 billion by 2020. This according to a recent report from Transparency Market Research. That will translate into about 11 billion pairs of shoes, boots, casual and athletic footwear by 2020. Athletic and performance footwear has been dominating the growth in this industry, with online sales growth compensating for declines in in-store sales for some categories of footwear. These trends are expected to continue in the years immediately ahead. If you are a footwear importer or distributor, you, of course, want to take advantage of ... Read More

Non-Bankable Businesses Have Alternative Financing Services Available

Although bank lending has become somewhat more comfortable over the past couple of years, it is still tough for many small businesses to obtain a bank loan. If a business cannot obtain a bank loan at a particular point in time, it is considered “non-bankable.” The reasons for being “non-bankable” can range widely. For example, the company may be relatively young, with little credit history. It may be experiencing financial difficulties, with an enormous debt burden relative to its earning capacity. Aside from that, it may be in a turnaround mode. Such a company may also be in or close ... Read More

10 Fascinating Textiles & Apparel Industry Facts

The textiles and apparel industry is a major player in the global marketplace worth several trillion dollars. With such large amounts of capital flowing through the textile and apparel industry, funding options such as non-recourse accounts receivable financing and purchase order funding are ideal.  Here are 10 fascinating facts about the industry: The global textile and apparel industry, which includes fabrics, clothing, footwear and many other manufactured goods, is currently worth nearly $3 trillion. The world childrenswear market is expected to reach beyond $266 billion in 2016, marking a 31 percent increase in five years. Global bridalwear is expected to be valued ... Read More

Protecting Your Business from Future Uncertainty

Understanding the market trends of the future will mean success or failure for your business. It is easier to sell into an expanding marketplace than a contracting one. Think to outsource vs buggy whips and how much the economy has changed in the last fifteen years. Fifteen years ago a positive mention in PC Magazine helped propel Google, housing prices were soaring and Lehman Brothers were business as usual. Ten years ago, people were unsuccessfully predicting the rise of eBay drop-off stores and $200/barrel oil. Five years ago who had heard of Uber. Sales success is derived from a little ... Read More

Non Recourse Factoring

What is Non Recourse Invoice Factoring? Do different factoring companies have different definitions of the Invoice Factoring of Receivables Without Recourse? What is Recourse vs. Non Recourse Factoring? And most importantly, how do I protect myself and my company from the “Nuclear Option”? Statistics show that less than 20% of Accounts Receivable Financing Companies utilize credit insurance as part of their Non-Recourse Invoice Factoring product. Why is that number so low? First, you have to have a strong balance sheet and credit culture to qualify as the large insurers who offer credit insurance have stringent guidelines. Paragon passes both hurdles with ... Read More

Turning Business Tax Issues into Opportunity

One of the most frustrating things in the US is having a high growth business but dealing with legacy unpaid taxes or tax liens. It is very difficult to deal with your financial needs with the unpaid tax albatross hanging around your businesses neck. However, for 22 years we have been helping businesses get the working capital they need who have unpaid taxes or tax liens. A few things that separate Paragon from other AR Funding & PO finance companies: 1) Is this their area of expertise? For 22 years we have been negotiating with the IRS on the client’s ... Read More

Factoring Tax Issues

If you have a debt to the IRS, obtaining financing or working capital for your business is difficult at best – unless you work with a funding source that can help fix your tax issues and provide the necessary working capital at the same time. Factoring tax issues is a working capital solution many did not know was an option. Paragon Financial is ahead of the curve in dealing with the back-taxes problem. We have access to up-to-date information on IRS liens, levies, tax compliance history, business name discrepancies, accrued tax liabilities, and IRS installment agreements – every relevant piece of ... Read More

Staffing Company Growing Pains, Payroll and Booming Temp Jobs

Temp jobs in the US are booming with a 57 percent increase from 2009 to 2014. This means staffing companies are also feeling the boom. A growing staffing company equals an increased need for working capital, higher payrolls, and larger overhead overall. Nearly 3 million people are employed in temporary jobs from Lakeland, Florida to Omaha, Nebraska. Analysis from CareerBuilder shows that number will continue to rise. Temporary employment is expected to increase 13 percent (354,877 jobs) from 2014 to 2019.  Staffing agencies need to be financially prepared to handle the additional workload. CareerBuilder put together a list of fast-growing ... Read More

Computer User Support Specialists: One of the Fastest Growing Temp Staffing Jobs

Computer user support specialists provide support and assistance to individuals and organizations using computer hardware and software. From Baltimore, Maryland to San Antonio, Texas these temp jobs have seen a 47.8% in year-to-year hiring. This is according to new research by WANTED Technologies. “Staffing firms are being hired to fill excess jobs that HR teams can’t fill internally either due to overall challenging conditions or lack of internal recruiting time and resources especially for these jobs with niche skill sets,” said Meredith Amdur, president, and CEO of WANTED Technologies. There are 17,895 computer user support specialists temp staffing jobs were added ... Read More

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