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Networking Rules for Factoring Brokers

Don’t sell or talk too much about yourself at networking meetings.

Your goal is to build your sphere of influence by meeting new people who will educate you and become reliable resources for your clients and pillars. This is not the time or place for a sales presentation.

The best way to get something from networking is to give something.

Do not expect to get leads when you never give others leads. Networking is like any relationship: You get out of it what you put in it.

Listen and ask the magic questions

“Susan, who is a great prospect or referral source for you? How can I succinctly describe what you offer to others?

The people you meet are either: A- Potential clients or B- A source of referrals.

Realize that not everyone will be a prospect. Networking is more than prospecting. It is also finding people who could lead you to potential new customers or other referral sources.

Networking is more like farming than hunting.

It takes time to cultivate and harvest. However, once the harvest season starts, you will be well compensated. We all have seen professionals come only once or twice to a group’s events and then give up because they did not receive a lead. They do not realize that they are being tested and judged by the longtime members as to their “staying power.”

Did you miss me, or am I just another number? Remember the first date you went on?

You waxed the car. Put on your best clothing, shaved or put make-up on, and opened the door for the other person. You even paid him or her a compliment. But after you see them a few times, the extra efforts are gone. Keep all your meetings like the first one!

To quote Martien Eerhart, “Remember, it is net*work*, not net*eat* or net*play.*

It takes energy and effort to make the network work for you.”

Volunteer to be on the membership committee for trade groups of your best group of referral sources.

Give of yourself, and people will find a way to send you business.

Keep track and take care of your “Super Pillars.”

Those who have sent you 2+ lead in your life. With enough individuals in the category, you will be set for life.

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