Meeting Payroll for the Security Guard Staffing Industry

Meeting Payroll

Payroll Funding for the Security Guard Staffing Industry

How Does the Security Guard Staffing Industry Meet Weekly Payroll?

The Security Guard Staffing industry as a whole is responding to changing times in our country. A rise in expectation for many guards to perform a wider variety of duties in addition to their primary function of safety.

There is a greater demand for specialized services. This is both in monitoring the remote systems and understanding the specific needs of different industries. Such industries include public schools, energy, and chemical to government security. There is an improvement in the training and skills levels due to the influx of former law enforcement officers who have been displaced by dwindling public funding.

Staffing agencies financing provides the guards to face their business challenges. Agencies must meet payroll and expansion needs while awaiting collection from their customers, creating a gap in liquidity. Banks are not always the most appropriate sources of working capital for service companies. The reason for this is because they often focus on the personal assets of the owners.

Paragon Financial Group has been offering payroll funding through accounts receivable factoring for security guard service companies for over 26 years. Funds are advanced at a discounted rate, based on the quality of your receivables, to help meet payroll and expansion needs. This source of working capital can help ease liquidity pressure for growing staffing companies, even offering same-day payroll funding.

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